Friday, December 31, 2010

Well... this is it! 2010 is going out.

I don't know about you, but I sure would love to know where the last 365 days went?  I mean really, I remember LAST Christmas so well, and here it is another Christmas gone?  Oh to be a kid again! To have the time we thought we then and use it now...wouldn't that be a treat?
As promised, here are few pictures of the gifts and good deeds given out and mostly done in November & December this year!

Bag I delivered Gifts in

Bag for a very dear friend
Inside the bag

For grandson
For another good friend

My good deed for 2010
another good deed
For my sister

Made bags to bust my Christmas stash!

For my niece

UFO for a good Friend
Gift bags for quilting friends gifts

PJ's for Cohan

Bags for quilting friends

Landon's sleep pants

For my other two sisters
Snowflakes for family & friends.  Did stars too!

Socks for nieces & nephews.  Total of 7 pair knit in Dec.
For Brooke's Babies

So you see, my life is never dull or without things to do.

Every year I count "something".  This year, I do think I will count the number of projects I make and finish!  Yes, I will still be continuing the ever dreaded UFO busting and hope to cut that down to a round number of 50 by the end of June 2011.  (shaking my head up and down)  That means about 30 more to finish before then ... can I do it?  I will keep you all posted on that.

There are still some smaller projects to finish in the UFO pile, but once those are done the others get bigger and longer to finish.  Many (and I mean MANY) need to be quilted and trying to decide just how I will do them before I actually get to them on the list.   Which reminds me - I will be going over my list and putting them onto some kind of order for finishing.  HAH!

Of course with all that quilting to be done comes metres (yards) of batting and fabric needed for backing.  Guess I gotta get me another job!!  What am I going to do with all these finishes?  Good question.  I'll answer that once I get them done!

So to all of you out there, I wish you great joy, happiness, good health and may hours of sewing and quilting for 2011!

Happy New Year!!

May your thread never shred, you needle be sharp and you find good bargains for fabric!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Well.... it's here!  Christmas Eve and all it's wonderous glory.  I'm sitting here waiting for Santa to arrive, but then I realize I must go to sleep or he will not visit our home... so on that note - 

I wish that the reason for the season, warms your heart and gives you all great peace.

From our home to yours...


Monday, December 6, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho! - It's Christmas time in the city!

Yes, you can hear that on a regular basis now.  And for me this year it sounds like music to my ears!   I am almost done making all the gifts, so of course it would be music to my ears.  If all goes according to schedule (remember IF!) I will be sitting down and enjoying the last week (or earlier) of Christmas watching the Christmas specials and maybe even getting some visiting in!  That is providing the ones I plan to visit are actually in the same boat as me and are home! LOL   

Presents are almost all wrapped; tree is up; house is almost all decorated (just a few things to put out yet)  knitting is almost all done (probably early next week) and the sewing is coming to a close too!   One 2 more gifts to turn out and both are pretty easy so maybe one full day sewing at the most and I'm all done.  

Never have I been so ready for Christmas and the feeling is just so darn good that I plan to even "perfect" the feeling next year.  WHAT?  I know, I know - let's get this year over first, you say.  If you are saying that, I'm taking it that is because you haven't shared this feeling of happiness at being able to really enjoy this time of year by having all your shopping/baking done!   Heh, I never did either until this year and let me tell you it feels so very good.  So I must perfect this feeling so that it will last longer next year.  Remember ... it sneaks up on you so fast after Sept, so if you want to be in on some early reminders with me for next year... just let me know!  
So dang happy I could almost dance with joy!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

29 days and counting!!

Goodness gracious the time is going to really fly now!  There are only 29 days to Christmas...are you pulling your hair out yet?  

I am happy to say that my shopping is done!  Well all except the big "kids" stocking stuffers, but give me an hour and I will have them done!  Woo Hooo!  Although I am now busy knitting up 4 - 5 items and have 3 left to sew up. Two are ready to sew up and won't take but a couple of hours. The third?  Well, that one is still in the thinking stage, but it is almost all "thought" out.  One evening to sew it up and voila! and  Hello, Santa! Just have to double check my list!

I made up seven gifts this week, and sorry I cannot show you what they are until after Christmas.  Some are small, but made with tonnes of love and one was a biggie!

Baking you say? Well I don't do much of that anymore as the kids are not around as much with all the visiting they end up having to do with their extended families and friends and we really do not entertain. Hmm maybe we should change that?? LOL  But I do make some special packages for some friends; but no leftovers!!  I give those away too!  We don't NEED them! 

Early next week will begin the decorating inside the house, but I don't go all out as it takes too long to get it all out and too long to pack it all away, but it is festive when I'm done :-)  Besides...what is that saying "Less is more"?  I've never really understood that saying but I'm going to use it LOL

So if you haven't made your list, do so now.  Each time you head out for groceries, pick a couple of the names from your list and do them too!  Really it won't take long!  I took one whole day and did it.  AND I did it without a list  - believe it or not... I really did!

Happy shopping...and remember... the time is gonna slip by your faster than penguins on ice!! (I loooove Penguins!)

Hugs everyone,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Get This Show On The Road!

Hah! By the title of this post you might think that I was heading off to somewhere far, far away and warmer!   NOT!   It is more about the reason for the season that is coming upon us!

By the time you read this, there will be LESS THAN 40 days to Christmas,  my most favorite time of the year, other than my birthday!J  It is the time of the year that I (me - Santa!) give presents (small as some of them may be) to those who are in my family, those who are like family to me and to my closest of friends.  It is the time of the year where I feel I don't "need" to give a gift to someone, but rather because I really want to. Just because I give a gift doesn't mean I want a gift in return or that the recipient feels they "have" to return the gesture - I have to remind those in my family of that each year, don't I?J  My saying is "It is the time of the year that I give freely and with out complaint, so just say thank you!"
The sewing machines are busy and keeping "The Down-under Sweat Shop" warm!  I have  been lining up the projects to keep them going smoothly under the needle every chance I get, but you won't get to see any more of those projects until after Christmas.  I promise I will show them to you.   I just love this hussle and bussle of this time of the year!  Really, I do!  I am in my glory at a sewing machine and hope I can be that way for many more years to come!  Besides, I have to be ... I have too many things left to finish and even more yet to start!  LOL

I am hoping that all the "shopping" that I do have "chosen" to do, will be done before the end of November - yes - I do mean this year!!  And I know it is not that long off.  I have never - ever tried to be this far ahead and this year I really want to sit back and totally enjoy this special time of the year.  Mind you that isn't counting all the sewing I have to do.  I could still be at that on Christmas Eve!  And this is okay... I love it!

Bah, Humbug you say?

Sorry people, but Christmas is exactly what "YOU" make it; remember that everyone.  Yes, it is has become very commercialized but "you" don't have to make it that way, do you? - that is each person's choice to make.  My choice is to make it as enjoyable as possible for those I keep near and dear to my heart.  Did you know that when this Christmas is over there are 364 (or 365 in a leap year) days until the next Christmas?  So, why do people put themselves through the stress of cramming it all in in two weeks or just the month of December?  Believe or not, Christmas falls on Dec 25th EVERY YEAR!  Amazing, huh?
It totally boggles my mind when people (not saying it's any of you but if the know the rest of that saying J) rush around a couple weeks before Christmas, like little ants in a totally disturbed ant hole, saying they haven't done any shopping, baking, company is coming, yadda, yadda, yadda!   YO, People!!  It isn't all about the shopping, baking, prettying up the house ... there is so much more to Christmas and people are forgetting that.   Linus explained this best to Charlie Brown and one I truly believe.  (I still love to watch this show every year)

So on that note - be well this time of year and enjoy the reason for this season!


LUKE 2:8-14
And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were so afraid.
And the angel said unto them,
Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did I have to count them all??

Have you ever wondered how many of this or that you may have?   Well, remember the count I did with the scissors?  No way in my wildest dreams did I think I had that many pairs of scissors!  By the way, I did find the ones I was missing LOL  
See the UFO's hiding???

Pat Sloan, a very wonderful pattern designer, is hosting  "12 UFO Buster Tips" and the first thing to do was to count how many UFO's you had.  I decided that I would "count" something once again, it can't be all that bad, right?  Thank goodness I can count that high!  I knew I had UFO's - UnFinished prOjects - I wasn't denying it - really I wasn't.  When my sewing room was remodeled a couple of years ago I had packed UFO's in totes and labeled them, so I knew where they were.  Well part of this process is being honest with yourself, right?  How I wish I had stopped counting after the first tote.  I found UFO's hiding EVERYWHERE, and yes they were hiding! Some in plain site, others stuffed in between pieces of fabrics and yet others in little bags with all the makings of something inside.  Even though I was tempted to quit counting after 20, I kept at it. 
UFO's - Don't they look pretty?

And I kept counting...25... 30 ... 40!!!  Oh my gosh!  Where have all these pieces come from?  Yes, all of these pieces I do remember making at some point in my sewing frenzies.  45.... 50... Snappin' Blues!!  65... 75... 85 ... somebody wake me up please!!   Now some of these projects could maybe be lumped together as they are the same, like the little totes I make...but really they are individual pieces right?   So, those pieces deserve their own number ... 90 ... 93.  93!!  Crappola!  These all cannot be mine... can they?   You bet your sweet bootie they all are mine.  All except one!  My daughter made me a quilt when I turned 40 and my plan was to hand quilt it.  Okay, so that was .. ahh... years ago  I'm still deciding what to quilt on it, along with the other 12 or more quilt tops!  Then there are another 15 - 20 smaller pieces that just need to be quilted ...  then many projects that still need to be finished to get them to the quilting stage!  OH my... I need a drink ... Wait!... I don't drink, although this may have drove me to do just that! LOL
More quilts hiding!
One would think that with that many UFO's you wouldn't miss one, right?  Wrong!  One was missing in action, but I did find remember just where it ended up.  Last I remembered was working on it at a friends house, but from there it is was a total blank.  I hunted high and low for it.  Then I cleaned off some other projects on the corner of my desk and VOILA!  How'd it get there?? LOL 

I have alot of the less time consuming projects to finish, all gathered in one tote.  I have been working on those every chance I get!  Then I went looking for a "specific" piece of scrap fabric.  Checking the tote I thought, "what is in that one under it?"    AHHHHH !!  I shouldn't have opened it!  It just happened to contain another 8 or more UFO's!!!    Not to mention another 3 or 4 I had found prior to this hunting for the missing UFO!  This is a really bad dream, someone please, please shake me hard to wake up!  Once again never-ever in my wildest of wildest dreams did I even think I would come close to 50 UFO's.  Now here I am with over 100 of the little fabric-thread-bearing pieces of  my so called  "hobby" to finish!   It seems to me to be more of an addition, don't you?  Admitting it is the first step...right??  But did I really have to?

My first 10 UFO's to finish!
My plan of attack?  Work on the smaller pieces and finish them completely.   I will piece together any of the quilts that are not made into a complete "top".  But as for the quilt tops that are together - they will be packed in a tote for later.  All they need is a backing and then to be quilted, so for now I will say they are "done".  Besides, I will go totally broke buying the batting and backing!

As you can see, I won't be bored for a very, very long time!

Keep your needle sharp... you never know when I may call on you to help!!
You can visit Pat Sloan's Blog here :

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Challenge for me! Can I do it?

"Is it hard to do a signature quilt?"  That was the question I was asked in September by a gal who was looking for ideas for a fundraiser for a girl in our community.  I was at work when she asked this question and of course the brain kicked into overdrive right away!   It is easy to "think" of a signature quilt (okay for me it is LOL) and but this was 18 days before the date needed!  So I asked what size and how many signatures was she looking for and would they mind a scrappy quilt.  When the answers came back later the same day, I said I would take it on.  Now of those 18 days I was going to be away for 9 or 10 of them, at work for 5 of them so that left either 3 or 4 days to whip up a quilt.  Hmmmm, I can do it ... can't I?  Sure I can!   So, that same nite I designed a layout for the quilt and worked up a border that could be used for an overflow of signatures if needed.  Tested the block that nite, tested the border, and Yeah....this will work.   Now I thought I would take this to Camp Wanna Sew, but decided that camp was going to be "my" time so left this project at home.  That way I can record the making of this project properly, something I have started doing with projects that are near and dear to my heart, and for some reason this one really became "my baby".

Example of quilt
created in EQ6 - A quilt program

I was home the Monday before the weekend it was needed and started cutting the scraps; and cutting and cuttting!  When using takes ALOT longer to get things ready for sewing as you are working with smaller pieces of fabric which need to be pressed, THEN cut and you may only get one piece depending on the size of the scrap.   Oh, oh....didn't count on all this extra time for this kind of cutting.  All's good though; I only have to work 2 1/2 days this week and will have all of Friday to work on it.  (it's needed for Saturday!)  

Okay, so I didn't plan on getting sick for 2 days during this week!  So, Thursday nite I am forcing myself to cut from the scraps and get this baby together. I only have 2 or 3 of 42 blocks done and 2 or 3 of the 16 border pieces needed!!   Then I get a brainwave (yes I do have them sometimes LOL) and decide it will be easier to not have the quilt all together to make it easier for signing....Good Thinking!!  That has now taken some of the pressure off, so very late Thursday (well okay... very early Friday morning is more like it) I have all the blocks done and part of the border.  

I am pleased to say that I was able to have everything all sewn and organize for signing the blocks by supper time on Friday nite!  What a huge relief!  Saturday I would relax until it was time to head to the fundraiser! And I did!

Now that I've told you the story, I will explain, for those who don't quilt, what a signature quilt is.  The "white" parts on the quilt that is forming a sort of "x", on my example, are places where a person will sign and pay certain amount of money for doing so for the fundraising.  The signatures are with a special pen for fabric so that when washed it doesn't erase or fade.  My goal was to have all of the center squares sold, and move on out to the borders when that happened to achieve a set goal I had set for myself.  I'm happy to report that I did get all the center sold and did move out to the border and achieved the goal I had set and even went over it!  I was so happy and felt so good to have done this for this special girl.

I hope to show you the finished product in a few weeks after I have it quilted; yes it is all together!!

I guess you can say this is a way of  "Paying it forward"

Happy days to all!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Camp Wanna Sew - The BIG Project

One project kind of took over the rest of Camp Wanna Sew.  It has been in my UFO pile for many, many years.  But it is huge!   93" x 111".  The picture you see is how it is still  and will be until the next camp in April 2011.  I will then add alot of the leaves that are appliqued on top with a vine.  I think putting them all on when the quilt is at it's largest will definitely be a huge hinderance in getting it done, so I decided to leave it in two pieces and do as much as I can while it is not put together therefore leaving only a minimal number of leaves to be put down when it is the whole size!  YIKES!!

 The part that makes the "star" was made a long time ago.  I still really like the colors, so for that I am most thankful!   Speaking of thankful.... here is another tablerunner I started putting together.  Joined At The Hip pattern called "Always Give Thanks".  Isn't it cute? 

Of course it is too late for this year, but I can be sure and be on time for next year :)

Hmmm I'm beginning to see pattern here, no pun intended.  It's start, stop ... start, stop.. hmmmm  Notice that the last few projects shown never did get finished?  Oh, oh ... guess I have to do something about that, now don't I.

Keep watch to see how things unfold in the ever sewing life I have  :-)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Camp Wanna Sew is over

Hard to believe that I have been to Camp Wanna Sew and back already, and I haven't even told you about it!   The drive in was just beautiful!
 I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the ladies (45 of them!!) and catching up with some of them from last camp.  Some ladies I see between camps, and others I only see them at camp.  It is wonderful to see what they have been doing since the last we all met.  Amazing what kind of work we all can do!  Of course it takes about 3 days for me to catch up on  my sleep when I get home, as I do take advantage of the sewing time I have there; sewing until the wee hours of the morning.

 Now the meals!  Oh my, oh my... not only can we all sew, but we can all cook too!   I really tried to behave...honest I did! 

Alas, I guess I will be giving the treadmill  an extra stroll or two for the next couple of weeks.  

What a combination sewing and quilting make!  I made candlemats for our supper on Saturday nite and gave them way as door prizes.  Made 3 large and 6 small ones.
Brooke on her 2nd birthday

Got this little doll quilt made for a little Doll of a grand-daughter, Brooke, using the X-block tool.  I was testing it using the "belly-button" ruler, and I had so much fun with this that I can hardly wait to try the larger rulers.  That will have to wait for awhile, as I have decided to start working with UFO projects....and that I know is going to get very, very scary!

Autumn Leaves (with Turkey Variation)

Operation Turkey
This one was an Eleanor Burns pattern and oh what fun this one was!  Again, I will use the rulers from this pattern to make a leaf quilt from scraps!  Yes, the almighty scrap pile will be used yet again LOL 
And, My Diane....Operation Turkey was a success!!

Lucky Charms by Pat Sloan
Now this is a Pat Sloan pattern I followed from her blog.  
I only had to do the blanket stitching around the appliques and put the borders on so that I could be ready to quilt it, and I did...yeah for me!  This will hang in the entrance to our home.  Darn it all I have to go shopping for batting & backing to complete it!

Next time I will tell you about my BIG project that I worked on..... I'm still tired from working on that one!

Hugs all,

Monday, October 4, 2010

What a weekend in September!

WOW!  October is here and I didn't tell you about my sewing weekend, well two weekends actually ....sheesh! 

Hubby had a fishing weekend, early September, so I planned to sew my heart out.  Well, okay, not really.  Seems I still had some kind of "cold" lurking, trying to make its way out, but I'm fought it and won that time!!

Saturday (Sept 9th) brought this cute little number to an end.  I started her last year after I had made a very good friend one for her birthday.  And of course never got back to it, so I got her ready for this year!  And this baby is all quilted too!  Then I cut out a table runner for thanksgiving.  No, I didn't get this one last year, but I did get it after Christmas thinking I would have had it long finished by now.  But you all know how life gets in the way of things.  Now I know I did some other projects...but I will have to go back in time to figure what those were ...hmmm that could take awhile LOL

I also got some of my sewing room back in order, but that was then and this is now, so we won't talk about it, okay?  LOL  

My projects (the runner I just cut being one of them) were packed up into a tote to bring to Camp Wanna Sew at the end of the month.  Actually my tote was pretty well packed from last camp, I just cut some of the fabrics from the projects in there so I just had to sew them up.  Was so dang excited to go too!  Five glorious days of none stop sewing...well okay a few hours to eat and sleep BUT that's it!   I'll catch you all up on that later this week ...  promise!!

Forever stitchin', but not in the kitchen!

Friday, September 10, 2010

OH my! It's been a while!

Well life sure has a way of getting in the way now, doesn't it?   It has been a few weeks since my last post and I have been quite busy.  School is back in so that means I have started sitting the grands while mommy goes to work on a part-time basis.  And yes, that does cut into my creatitivy in the sewing room, but I have been busy!! 
Wallhanging made from a panel

Center squares from same panel
These have yet to be quilted, but that won't take me very long to do on the sewing machine!

Right now I am working on a wall hanging for my entrance and one for my living room as well.  The entrance one I hope to have done sometime early October.  The other won't be done until late December or early January.  That totally depends on how my Christmas list is coming along.  And no, I haven't started sewing from my list yet.  But soon!!
Entrance Wallhanging
Bags for  Sharon & her sister Karen
Made two bags like this for a friend in the States.  I really enjoy making these "Clutter Bags" as the name of the pattern is called.  Actually, I like making all kinds of bags!  LOL
Alrighty then,  I'm off to get more things ready for that entrance wall hanging. 

 You all be good to each other now, yah hear?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August is almost over!

And the rains have started and I think has forgotten how to stop?  But we desperately need some rain before the snow comes...water levels are down way too low!   I feel for those people who have wells.   Do hope we have more sunshine in store with rain at nite, that would be the perfect scenario.  Can you believe that August is almost over??  Why is it every time a new month starts, the end is so soon after that?   I think we are having the days inbetween stolen from us...  don't you??

I have been sewing but not sure that I'm actually making any headway!  Have some (5) display projects for a local quilting shop that are almost all done, all except the quilting that is .....yeaaaaa!  Hopefully this week I will be able to get a few of them quilted.  Hope I can remember to post pictures of them when they are all done.  I am trying so hard to keep a record of the projects that I am doing to make a slide show, well a screen saver really for my computer LOL

Right now hubby and I are fighting some kind of early "flu" bug.  And it's nasty.  It is body aches like you wouldn't believe and coughing that is ripping your throat out!  Blah!!  And I'm not giving in! 

Off to do some much needed tidying up here and then back to the sewing machine for a few hours or until my younger sister shows up :)    Will love having a visit from her!! 

Until next week, please keep yourself well,
(please note this blog has been de-bugged before posting LOL)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who needs this many???

When recently asked "how many pairs of scissors you own?", I decided to really take a closer look at that.  Well I could remember for the most part where most were located and can you believe that after  finding  collecting 43 pairs of them, I know of 4 pairs that are NOT in this picture.  Yes, I swear all of these belong to me and no one else and for the most part I think I use about 3/4's of them.  AND can you believe that when I go and shop for look at notions, that scissors are one of the things I look lust over??  Like who really needs this many!  Now to put them back in their perspective workstations.  I do not like having to look for a pair of scissors when I need them... hmmm... can you tell??  LOL   Think I should try for an even 50... what do you think ???   
43 pairs of scissors .. with 4 pairs missing in action!!
I have been sewing but not with great gusto, but soon I hope.  The re-decorating (painting) is pretty well all done and now I'm taking some down time with organizing a few blocks for my quilt guild up coming season and planning a couple of mystery patterns for me to give them classes with.  That all requires testing and picture taking so I will not be going at top speed.  But soon!  I head to Camp Wanna Sew in September for 5 glorious days and plan to really do some "great" things ... at least that is the plan!

But for now I will be content with reading my patterns and quilting magazines and dream of when I am spending more of my time at the sewing machine working with "creativity" (my word of the year LOL)

So you all take good care and be ready to "see" more projects in the next couple of months. 

With needle in hand,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Did you know.....??

Can you believe that it is August already???  Did you know that we are in the eighth month of what was, rather what I thought was, the beginning of a new year?   I wish I would have kept track of all the projects that I started and finished so far this year.  Not to mention all the UFO's that I finished up too!  I know I did quite a few of those...but there are quiet a few more left here to do, I'm sad to say.   A few of those UFO's are going to be "recycled" into another project, as I have found that a few of them are like "what the heck was I thinking!!" projects LOL  You just cannot finish something you have no liking for anymore, so I will use the fabric to make something else scrappy.

As I look back on some of the projects that are in the UFO boxes, I see a change of colors I onced used from yellow, burgandy & blues in fairly bright shades, to deep gold, rustic reds and dark dusty blues.  I went through a blue and yellow stage for the kitchen...but that has passed now.  What oh what am I going to do with the blue, yellow & teapot fabrics now?  Guess I will make something for sale with them!  

The kitchen is almost done now... thank goodness!  The paint looks fantastic, although try as I might it still looks similar to the living room.  But I like it...I really do!  Now to finish the decorating end of it!  Curtains, pictures, etc.   When I was looking for a replacement border Ches says, "don't worry so much about the cost, just be sure you do it right and the way you want it".  Wonder if that also pertained to changing the countertop??   Guess I best not push my luck! LOL

I must have known what color I would choose for the kitchen as when I was shopping back in February for Christmas fabrics  (Yes, I said "Christmas"!!!)  to make table runners and placemats, I bought fabric in a brown and a limey green... Do you know the Christmas colors I'm talkin' about; goes really well with ivory/beige?   Wonder when I will find the time to make those??  Hmmm  guess I need to go to sewing camp again and find my time there.

Speaking of camp, that is next month!  Did you know that is only 40 days away??  Wooo Hooo!  There has been one more day added, that makes five gloriest days, so I will be really sewing up a storm.  Already have a tote packed with some UFO's but will add my Christmas fabrics and some ideas for moi !

It has been over a week since I last was in the sewing room and did you know  that I am now starting to go heavily into withdrawal?   Awful feeling that is, but I will remedy that this weekend!

Well friends, my coffee break is over (as I wait for paint to dry... literally! LOL) and I best get back to the last little bit left that I have to paint.   You all take good care and I sure hope you are really enoying this super great summer we are having.  Did you know that the leaves are already starting to change color???

OH....and one last note.....

 Did you know that there are now 140 days to Christmas?? 

Keep that smile going..... 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer time...yes it really is!

What a gorgeous summer we are having!  I don't remember a summer like this in ages!  Okay, never mind any comments about how old I "could" be!  LOL

Not a long post - just one to let you know that I am still mobile!  Sewed all last weekend and got quite a few UFO's (UnFinished Objects) done and that really made my week.  Have a few more lined up to do when I get back to sewing "full bore"

I have quite a few household projects that I'm ready to start and will have to really work hard on those as most of it is painting and I want to open the windows when the weather permits.  So my sewing will be half hour here, half hour there.  BUT they do all add up in the long run! 

This is a scrap quilt that I had started, I think,  June 20th and finished it on June 22nd!  The fabric was all sorts of pieces from my actual fabric stash.  I showed you the blocks a couple blogs back.  It is called "Strip Disco" and was ohhh so very quick to do.  But once again, it didn't do a whole lot to lower the levels of fabric I have.  
I have cleaned up my storage area and can actually find the cutting desk I have there!  Yeahhhh for me!  I fold up some fabrics, sorted some patterns.  Now I must say that I had noticed an ever so small "hole" on my shelf of fabrics.  But then I open a box or tote and find fabric to fit in there.  LOL   See...never ending story...only thing is I'm not riding Falkor the luck dragon so I don't see it clearing out any time soon!!  (that's for those of you how remember this movie!  Great movie I might add.)

That's it for now... the dust bunnies are calling me so I have to go and play with destroy them LOL   Hmmm, just thinking - maybe I should be doing the household projects half hour at a time and sew the rest of the time!   Now I'm thinking!! 

"The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary." ~Mary Kurtz

Till next time - keep your needle sharp!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Scraps in the planning stages!

Good day everyone!  Enjoying the summer?  I sure am, even if it is in front of my sewing machine!  I do enjoy the confines of my home, but once I get outside I'm just like the little kids and don't want to come back in, but it is to get me outside first

The Re-Dec in the kitchen is very slow.  The wallpaper from many years ago (at least 10 I think it is) is coming off in very teeny, tiny pieces.  Thanking my lucky stars that I only did the bottom half of the kitchen walls.  Soon it will be all off and the painting can begin. 

Remember last time I said I "plan" my projects?  Well, I am still cutting scraps up. One set will be a tablecloth for my new kitchen!   If I can make drapes out of quilts - why can't I make a tablecloth, right?   Once again these are all from my scraps.  The pieces are 1 1/2" wide so it really did nothing to the scrap bin.  I will get some pics up next time!

Another set of scraps are going to make a quilt called Scrappy Bargello by Bonnie Hunter.  She is my favorite scrap quilt designer!   I have a few more strips to cut for this one but I'm trying to not repeat too many of the fabrics; only the ones I really, really like.  I know I have way more scraps then what this quilt will make so I think I may revamp the pattern and make it a smaller one too.  Yes, that means working with smaller strips.  These ones are 2 1/2" and then next one will be maybe 2" as there were alot of scraps that were just shy of being wide enough.  Don't you just love scrappy quilts?    I have now found 2 other patterns that I really would like to make and of course they both use LOTS of scrappy pieces.  Well, I'm going to make them use lots of scrappy pieces LOL  This one - - Scrappy Oceans Waves again by Bonnie Hunter will be my sort of "guideline" I will follow.  My blocks are going to be bigger than she used as I don't want to be making HST (half square triangles) in 1 1/2" thank you very much!   Her block is only 6" where I'm looking at making mine 10 or 12 inches....big difference LOL

So it's off to work to start another week.  Although if all goes to plan my week is done on Wednesday so I will have lots of sewing time ... at least there will be "time" for it once I get more wallpaper off! 

Keeping you in Stitches...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The "Dust Bunnies" are enormous!

QUICK!!!  Get the Swiffers!! The "dust bunnies" rather the "dust kangaroos" are running wild in the sewing room!   I must admit, I left the door open for this to happen.  Working on projects then all of a sudden another idea comes to mind and I must react to it...well things get put in this corner, on that shelf and before you know it- all hell has broke loose!  LOL   So now that I am feeling somewhat better, I am putting things back in their place and collecting all the "kangaroos" to get ready for the next set of projects that I have been preparing.

"You prepare projects?"   Well, yes I do.  When it is time to "play" I like to have the project already cut and a plan in place before I start.  How else do you think that I can do so many things in a week or at one time?   I might add that I do have the ability to be able to do three or more things at one time.  No, really I can, I tested it this week LOL   Most people I know can do two.  I was dusting the floors/machines, while contemplating the start of yet another project, AND 2 embroidery machines were going!  Sweep, sweep, think, change thread, sweep, change thread, think, sweep, sweep....answer phone, check Facebook, change thread... phew I was tired when those two hours were done LOL    But I did get rid of quite a few kangaroos and embroidered 10 t-shirts; put the patterns away and got the next project at a stage that is ready for finishing...YES!  As well I put more "scraps" in one of the scrap totes.  Damn that thing never goes down!!  

By next week sometime I should have the sewing room back to "my" normal!  Yes, I said "my normal" as not every single thing will be put away.  Somethings must stay close at hand (the scrap tote for one) as I use them very regular and having to take them out of their hiding space and that wastes valuable time when in the sewing room.  Although I sew all summer long, this summer will not be as productive.  I have some painting I want to get done upstairs (the living area for DH LOL) and that will be done over a couple of weeks... not a young as I was where I could do it all in one or two days LOL  The kitchen is getting a major face lift with new paint on ceiling and walls; new light fixtures and then a new border (once the paint cures).  I have two dressers I want to repaint and the kitchen table to re-stain and the sewing will be done in small spots of time.  Having those projects ready and waiting will make the completion of them run smoothly and give me a needed break when I put down the paint brush/roller.

Pictures?  Yikes - there aren't any this time.  Bummer, huh?  But I will post some pics of my progress as I work on those other projects while I'm in the painting mode... deal?

Till the next time... keep your fingers nimble!!