Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, it's been a little while.

I have been out of commmission, so to speak, for the last two plus weeks due to a bout of "vertigo".  Yah, I get those dang things and it tends to slow down my production or creativity.  But I think I am "back up and at 'em".... finally!   Now to make up for lost sewing time LOL

Before I went outta commission, I started another quilt out of scraps and stash fabrics.  A very fun and quick quilt (well it would have been if I hadn't got ...well we'll just leave that out of this story LOL) that has taken the stash down ever so slightly. 

This is where I started...cutting strips from my scraps that were long enough and I really didn't worry about color.  Really... I didn't.  Now this is just 32 strips of "dark" colors.  Then I had to get 32 lights!   Okay, I know that wasn't going to happen and I wasn't about to get light browns, blues, etc.  What I was looking for was cream colored fabrics.  Well I didn't have enough of those either so I went with what I had and made it work.  After all this is a "scrap" quilt!!

I'm still putting this one together so there is no picture other than this block, which I think shows how the quilt will be looking when it's done.  And it couldn't be easier!  I'm hoping to have the the blocks all together sometime on Friday if all goes well.  Then I will decide if I will put some borders on it.  Guess that all depends on how much of my stash I want to bust on this one LOL

Now when I cut all these strips out, I was in the process of cutting strips for yet another scrap quilt.  Well actually this one is going to be a tablecloth for me!!  But I need at least 72 different strips before I can start.  I'm now up to 70 strips so the planning of layout will be starting soon. Don't yah just love all the colors???  This may be a scrappy quilt, but I didn't want any "bright" fabrics in here and I think I have done just that.  I would have liked more cream colors, but I wasn't about to go out and buy some!  That would be defeating the purpose of this year at trying to bust my stash!  Of course this picture coloring is off but you get the idea of what I'm working with.

Till next time, keep your needles sharp and your mind sharper!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

More projects from Camp Wanna Sew

Once the drapes were out of the way I was then able to start on some of the projects I had brought with me.  A few have been in the making for a couple of months but others have been cut and ready for a couple of years.  Now I didn't get to all of them but if you don't have them with you, it is pretty hard to go get them if you have extra sewing time, now isn't it?  Hence the over packing of projects once again.  But that is okay as I know have my tote packed for the next camp in September!  (there is always a method to my madness LOL)

This bag is a Nancy Halvorsen pattern from the book called "Love Is".
 I really had alot of fun putting this one together.  And the wording was handstitched, even though I do have the technology to have had done it by machine.  I think it just "called" for it to be done by hand.   This would be a real good tote to take to the fabric shops!  It really is a big bag and you could load up on all kinds of goodies!

This bag, from start to finish, was done at Camp.  Grids & Grommets by Indygo Junction using jelly rolls strips.  For those of you wondering what a "jelly roll" is, it is a collection of 2 1/2" x 45" strips;  could be 30 - 42 of them in a roll.  Why in heavens would someone buy something all cut up like that?  Well, for me it is a super time safer!  And the colors are coordinated, so yet another time safer!  I loooooove the darker/country toned jelly rolls.  Can you tell?  

(if you want to see larger views of the pictures, just click on them)

This apron panel, "Espresso Yourself" by GP Creations for Wilmington, was done up pretty quick as it was a pre-printed panel and yes it is mine!  As well as being a confessed "fabriholic", I am a true "coffee addict".   I do believe that fabric and coffee go hand and hand LOL

Another bag I have done, but it wasn't done at Camp although I did bring it for "show & tell", was this one called "Dragonfly's & Thimbles" by Simply Charming.  This was so much fun to do!  It has 3 separate sections in the bag so you can really "sort" when shopping. 

Yup, fabriholic, coffee addict and Bag Lady Queen ... that's me in a nut shell!

Now as I write all this, I am trying to think of where all my time went.  Yes, I did spend a day and a half on the drapes ... but this is all I have to show?    Guess I was visiting too much, but oh what a great time. 

Till next time... don't get your thread in a knot!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

And off to Sewing Camp I went!!

What a week I had getting things ready and up to date before I left for Camp Wanna Sew - but I did it, although not without staying up past midnite for 3 nites! 

I left early Thursday morning (May 27th) with the car full of my sewing junk "treasures", and arrived there just after 10am.  Didn't take me too long to unpack and I was sewing by 11. 

Now my plan of attack for this 4 day sewing camp, was to finish up one of my biggest UFO's created to date - 2 quilts for my DD that she would use as drapes for her patio door.  I was to do no other sewing until these were completely finished!  Now these were a Christmas present for last year and I have been working on quilting them on my domestic machine for the past 4 months, so I wanted them finished. 

 "Myself" and "I" are always getting "Me" into trouble and when "I" talked "Myself" into starting this project the end of October, the blame was on "myself & I" for all the work that they created for "me" to do!  But as the pattern name says "Straight from the heart" that is where this project came from.

I said I would not go to bed until they were done-DONE, so I worked until early Friday morning (1:30am) to have them ready for grommeting.  Now at that time of the morning I was starting to see double and I don't even drink!!   They were where I could just sew the protective backing on them, flip and topstitch, so I called it a nite and got up at 6:20am and was back sewing (7:20am) after having breakfast.  

 By 10:30am Friday morning I handed them over to Bob to do the professional grommeting on them; that meant I was done - DONE!!  Woooo Hoooo!   Now I could sew what I wanted to. 

What a huge relief to have those babies done. 

By 2pm I was sewing what I wanted to sew.... ohhhh what a feeling! 

The drapes were dropped off at 4:30pm Sunday and were up that nite.... they were so excited to finally get them! 
Next time I'll show you some of  the projects I got done this weekend, till then ... keep your needles sharp!!