Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer time...yes it really is!

What a gorgeous summer we are having!  I don't remember a summer like this in ages!  Okay, never mind any comments about how old I "could" be!  LOL

Not a long post - just one to let you know that I am still mobile!  Sewed all last weekend and got quite a few UFO's (UnFinished Objects) done and that really made my week.  Have a few more lined up to do when I get back to sewing "full bore"

I have quite a few household projects that I'm ready to start and will have to really work hard on those as most of it is painting and I want to open the windows when the weather permits.  So my sewing will be half hour here, half hour there.  BUT they do all add up in the long run! 

This is a scrap quilt that I had started, I think,  June 20th and finished it on June 22nd!  The fabric was all sorts of pieces from my actual fabric stash.  I showed you the blocks a couple blogs back.  It is called "Strip Disco" and was ohhh so very quick to do.  But once again, it didn't do a whole lot to lower the levels of fabric I have.  
I have cleaned up my storage area and can actually find the cutting desk I have there!  Yeahhhh for me!  I fold up some fabrics, sorted some patterns.  Now I must say that I had noticed an ever so small "hole" on my shelf of fabrics.  But then I open a box or tote and find fabric to fit in there.  LOL   See...never ending story...only thing is I'm not riding Falkor the luck dragon so I don't see it clearing out any time soon!!  (that's for those of you how remember this movie!  Great movie I might add.)

That's it for now... the dust bunnies are calling me so I have to go and play with destroy them LOL   Hmmm, just thinking - maybe I should be doing the household projects half hour at a time and sew the rest of the time!   Now I'm thinking!! 

"The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary." ~Mary Kurtz

Till next time - keep your needle sharp!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Scraps in the planning stages!

Good day everyone!  Enjoying the summer?  I sure am, even if it is in front of my sewing machine!  I do enjoy the confines of my home, but once I get outside I'm just like the little kids and don't want to come back in, but it is to get me outside first

The Re-Dec in the kitchen is very slow.  The wallpaper from many years ago (at least 10 I think it is) is coming off in very teeny, tiny pieces.  Thanking my lucky stars that I only did the bottom half of the kitchen walls.  Soon it will be all off and the painting can begin. 

Remember last time I said I "plan" my projects?  Well, I am still cutting scraps up. One set will be a tablecloth for my new kitchen!   If I can make drapes out of quilts - why can't I make a tablecloth, right?   Once again these are all from my scraps.  The pieces are 1 1/2" wide so it really did nothing to the scrap bin.  I will get some pics up next time!

Another set of scraps are going to make a quilt called Scrappy Bargello by Bonnie Hunter.  She is my favorite scrap quilt designer!   I have a few more strips to cut for this one but I'm trying to not repeat too many of the fabrics; only the ones I really, really like.  I know I have way more scraps then what this quilt will make so I think I may revamp the pattern and make it a smaller one too.  Yes, that means working with smaller strips.  These ones are 2 1/2" and then next one will be maybe 2" as there were alot of scraps that were just shy of being wide enough.  Don't you just love scrappy quilts?    I have now found 2 other patterns that I really would like to make and of course they both use LOTS of scrappy pieces.  Well, I'm going to make them use lots of scrappy pieces LOL  This one - - Scrappy Oceans Waves again by Bonnie Hunter will be my sort of "guideline" I will follow.  My blocks are going to be bigger than she used as I don't want to be making HST (half square triangles) in 1 1/2" thank you very much!   Her block is only 6" where I'm looking at making mine 10 or 12 inches....big difference LOL

So it's off to work to start another week.  Although if all goes to plan my week is done on Wednesday so I will have lots of sewing time ... at least there will be "time" for it once I get more wallpaper off! 

Keeping you in Stitches...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The "Dust Bunnies" are enormous!

QUICK!!!  Get the Swiffers!! The "dust bunnies" rather the "dust kangaroos" are running wild in the sewing room!   I must admit, I left the door open for this to happen.  Working on projects then all of a sudden another idea comes to mind and I must react to it...well things get put in this corner, on that shelf and before you know it- all hell has broke loose!  LOL   So now that I am feeling somewhat better, I am putting things back in their place and collecting all the "kangaroos" to get ready for the next set of projects that I have been preparing.

"You prepare projects?"   Well, yes I do.  When it is time to "play" I like to have the project already cut and a plan in place before I start.  How else do you think that I can do so many things in a week or at one time?   I might add that I do have the ability to be able to do three or more things at one time.  No, really I can, I tested it this week LOL   Most people I know can do two.  I was dusting the floors/machines, while contemplating the start of yet another project, AND 2 embroidery machines were going!  Sweep, sweep, think, change thread, sweep, change thread, think, sweep, sweep....answer phone, check Facebook, change thread... phew I was tired when those two hours were done LOL    But I did get rid of quite a few kangaroos and embroidered 10 t-shirts; put the patterns away and got the next project at a stage that is ready for finishing...YES!  As well I put more "scraps" in one of the scrap totes.  Damn that thing never goes down!!  

By next week sometime I should have the sewing room back to "my" normal!  Yes, I said "my normal" as not every single thing will be put away.  Somethings must stay close at hand (the scrap tote for one) as I use them very regular and having to take them out of their hiding space and that wastes valuable time when in the sewing room.  Although I sew all summer long, this summer will not be as productive.  I have some painting I want to get done upstairs (the living area for DH LOL) and that will be done over a couple of weeks... not a young as I was where I could do it all in one or two days LOL  The kitchen is getting a major face lift with new paint on ceiling and walls; new light fixtures and then a new border (once the paint cures).  I have two dressers I want to repaint and the kitchen table to re-stain and the sewing will be done in small spots of time.  Having those projects ready and waiting will make the completion of them run smoothly and give me a needed break when I put down the paint brush/roller.

Pictures?  Yikes - there aren't any this time.  Bummer, huh?  But I will post some pics of my progress as I work on those other projects while I'm in the painting mode... deal?

Till the next time... keep your fingers nimble!!