Thursday, October 21, 2010

Camp Wanna Sew - The BIG Project

One project kind of took over the rest of Camp Wanna Sew.  It has been in my UFO pile for many, many years.  But it is huge!   93" x 111".  The picture you see is how it is still  and will be until the next camp in April 2011.  I will then add alot of the leaves that are appliqued on top with a vine.  I think putting them all on when the quilt is at it's largest will definitely be a huge hinderance in getting it done, so I decided to leave it in two pieces and do as much as I can while it is not put together therefore leaving only a minimal number of leaves to be put down when it is the whole size!  YIKES!!

 The part that makes the "star" was made a long time ago.  I still really like the colors, so for that I am most thankful!   Speaking of thankful.... here is another tablerunner I started putting together.  Joined At The Hip pattern called "Always Give Thanks".  Isn't it cute? 

Of course it is too late for this year, but I can be sure and be on time for next year :)

Hmmm I'm beginning to see pattern here, no pun intended.  It's start, stop ... start, stop.. hmmmm  Notice that the last few projects shown never did get finished?  Oh, oh ... guess I have to do something about that, now don't I.

Keep watch to see how things unfold in the ever sewing life I have  :-)


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