Monday, January 31, 2011

UFO update - Or Not?

Well you all know by now, that I'm on a mission to bust some UFO's this year and for the life of me I cannot get on the band wagon to do so!!   Try as I might, I just cannot pull one out and finish it.  Any ideas on what I can do?

Actually, I'm thinking that it is due to the "winter blues" and we are not talking color here!  I need lots of sunshine even if I am in a sewing room with no windows and don't see it.  I just have to know it's there if I need it and we have only just started getting some of that beautiful stuff, so here's to hoping the energy level returns.

Last Wednesday I went to sew with a couple of great friends and did manage to take out a UFO and got it half  done, so there could be hope for me yet...maybe??  We are now back to meeting each month so that will be my UFO time.  Yes, yes, I know!  I need way more time than one day a month to work on the UFO's and I will start to make the time ... as soon as I find my energy again.  You didn't happen to have seen it, have you??  Well if you do, can you tell it I'm looking for it and to please come home.  Thanks!!

Will keep you updated on the process...I hope!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Sew, Sew, SEW!!

What is it that you would love to do and keep doing?  For me it is sewing and quilting, but I think you may have already guessed that.  Right now I'm working on altering 3 dresses for a wedding later this month and realized that I really enjoyed making clothing... no really I do!  I remember when I would make my own dress for weddings I was attending or functions we were going to and be putting the final stitch into the dress just hours before having to put it on!!  Friends would ask "and exactly when did you finish what you are wearing, yesterday??"   They knew me too well LOL.   Over the past few years I have become very particular as to what projects I will take on.  Working with chiffon is one I will not do anymore.  I know when my frustration will hit it's limit on certain projects, so I don't take on that kind anymore, even if I can do them and will do them well.
It is not worth throwing my blood pressure outta wack!! LOL

You see, as much as I love to sew, I love to sew for others - that is when my schedule permits it.  And I usually put all others "first" before I ever work on my own clothing/projects, and I seem to always make time for others Of course that has got me into a couple tight spots come time for me to have some thing to wear and trying to get it finished for myself!  I guess this is how many of my UFO's were born!!  Putting my projects on the back burner to make time for someone else and of course the momentum is gone - so let's start something else.  Yes, I think I can safely say my UFO's were created this way.   With clothing they really never became UFO's as they were to be worn at a certain time and there was no way I was going out to buy something!!

Being short is a struggle in finding clothing that fits well.  Ask me... I know!!  This is one of the reasons that I started to make my own clothing - years ago!  I very seldom do that now, but there are times I look at something and think "I can do that!"  But I don't... I know it won't get finished unless I have a place and time it is actually needed for LOL

So seeing I am going to work on busting UFO's this year, I best get back to the "Down-Under Sweat Shop" ... my sewing room!!

Until next time ... keep safe and warm!

PS.... Happy Birthday, Sister!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

I heard tell that what you do New Year's day is what you will be doing for the new year!  Well guess what I was doing?   Yes, I was sewing and totally enjoying every minute of.  The tunes where cranked up and I was just having a great time in the "Down-under Sweat Shop".  I do hope that the saying is true about the new year as I do have a lot of sewing to do, but I'm going to have fun doing it!  Three of the grands were here visiting too, with Mommy, so that makes me happy knowing that more of that of the new year is in store too!

I cannot show you what I worked on New Year's day, as it is a quilting mystery I am designing for my Quilt Guild to start this month.  It will run 4 maybe 5 months - I'm still not sure yet.  Everything worked out well with the cutting of 2 of these pieces (oh you see something happening here??) and the testing of them went well too.  I have to get background fabric for one of them this coming week in order to finish the top, but all else went well with the sewing.  I do believe they are are going to look totally different from each other when the are done.

Hmm speaking of done ... did you make a New Year's resolution?  Oh, please, don't tell me it's the dreaded lose weight thing again?  Not me!  Although it would be very welcomed here, I didn't dare do that to myself again this year.  It hasn't happened yet and I'm not going to waste another year on it!  No, my resolution is more towards my making of projects, or rather the starting and not "finishing" of my projects!  I have decided that I will not create another UFO!  Well, now that I see it in type it may rank right up there with the losing weight thingy LOL.  No, really, I do not want to have to add to the UFO pile any more.  I want to enjoy making my projects but have decided that I cannot start another project UNLESS I keep working at it and finish it in a very timely manner - and I'm not talking 1 or 2 years!  As well, I want to have finished 50 UFO's by the end of June from when I started working on them in November ... that one will be tough as they are going to start getting bigger as I get more done therefore requiring more time to finish them... but I think I can do it!  I'm not sure if I am at 20 yet but I will be taking a tally very soon and line up the next few to finish.  So, those mystery projects - they will have to be finished in a timely manner now as I have started something new!!  

If you made a resolution, I would love to hear what it is!  Wishing you all  a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year in 2011!

Creatively yours,