Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy National Quilt Day and St. Patrick's Day to Boot!!

The third Saturday in March is National Quilt Day... that's today!!!  And it just so happens to be St. Patrick's Day too... go figure!!  A double whammy!! LOL

A friend from public school years posted on my Facebook that it should be a paid holiday for me!  Heh... I'm all for it! But we all know that won't happen so I will quilt without pay for today LOL

I have organized the laundry room this morning - very, very small room.  And low and behold don't I find 3 UFO's lurking in there!  Darn things!  Now I am off on a hunt for the real "missing" UFO's.  I know I had them all together at one point and kept out a few that I would work on.  But they are all big ones now and I want something "quick" or "quicker" so I can feel I have accomplished something.  

So I will set up my quilting area and start quilting on one... THEN I will go pull out the totes in the corner  as I "believe" that is where those pesky little fellers are.  I have located a couple of my backings and finally have more backings on the way and should be here soon.  Once the backings get here I will match up four of them up with quilts and take at least two to a friend that I have asked to quilt them, as I know she will do a stupendous job on them.  See, one of those is the Breaking Free from the McCall's challenge I was in last year.  She was excited to know I wanted her to quilt that one.  And a couple others will go to yet another long arm quilter who will do a wonderful job with the pantograms on them as I do want them "done-done" and like now.  They have been in my UFO-stash waiting to be quilted by me for far too long.  There are yet a few more that I will practice my machine quilting on - something I have been having fun with!   Yes, there are many quilt tops in my UFO stash and I know I want to make some really scrappy quilts soon, so I best get some of the ones I have now done! 

Speaking of McCall's ....  Blue Suede is FINALLY on his way home!! I got the email yesterday to say he has been "express post" along with my last two challenge win prizes as well!!  This is just soooooo exciting!   
Blue Suede is coming Home!!!

Okay.... enough already - National Quilt Day is passing me by and I haven't even turned on the sewing machine yet!!  

Remember to go sew/quilt something today!!
hugs all,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello!!! It's me!

OH yes and winter is still here!  It's been a very weird winter.... if you can call it a winter as to me it really only arrived a week ago when the snow actually really got here.  But others say it's been here too long.  No matter, in 12 more days it will officially be spring and then the rains will start and people will compl... I guess there is no stop to the complaining of what type of weather we get, now is there?   For me, every day I make it out of bed is something to be happy about so I just go with the flow where the weather is concerned.

Primitive...but it works!!
On the sewing end of my world, I am finally finishing a UFO that has been in my pile for a few years. I machine quilted it myself and had a ball doing it.  I am now binding it in order to have it finished by Wed to show at my Quilt Guild meeting. Can I do it?  Time will tell!

This is how I set up to machine quilt this baby.  I saw something similar on someone's website about year ago (sorry I didn't keep the site) and kept thinking of it.   So with this quilt I tested it out and let me tell you it really worked AMAZING!!

Now when hubby came home from work he said "WHAT are you doing??"  I told him I was quilting.  "I can see that!  What is up with this?" as he points to the quilt hanging.  So I explain it to him and then he says, "Well don't they make something better than this for quilting that you can get?"  I stop quilting and look at him.  "Yes, they do."   "Well, why don't you get it?"  Oh boy, he's walking into this one and didn't even know it!  "Well it's about this long (as I stretch my arms) and this wide and it costs at least $10,000.00.  These $1.99 clips will work just fine.  Besides you said I can take up any more room in the basement!"  He just turned around and didn't ask any more questions.  LOL

Although my work has taken over most of the  free time I have, I still try to make time to stitch a few seams here and there.  I believe that soon I should have some of my "me" time back and I will start pumping out the UFO's and new projects, once again.  Until that time I will just dream of what I will work on first!

So for now, do take care and don't forget to do something fun, each and every day!!