Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two months ... Not again??

Why is it I have such a hard time trying to blog?   Time, I say!  There just isn't enough of it.   Once again it is two months since my last blog.   Mind you not much is happening in the sewing/quilting department these days.

My sewing time is almost "nil"... no ... it is NIL!!  Work has overtaken my life and there are times when I wish I wasn't so darn dedicated to my work.  But alas that is me.  I work until things are the way I like them, THEN I slack of somewhat and soon I do believe that I will finally be in the drivers seat and  be able to slack off - not be running along side of the vehicle so to say. 

If I'm really lucky I get to sew with my some or one of my friends at least once a month.  Then the machines get shut down until the next time.  Here's to June where I believe that my "Me-Time" will start to be mine again and I can sew a little at nite.  I cannot wait as Tillie Topaz and Selina-Elise are in withdrawal without me in the "Down-under Sweat Shop" every day!

In a few days I head off to Camp Wanna Sew and spend 5 glorious days sewing to my hearts content!  And I plan to do so for many hours each day ... MANY HOURS!!  ☺  I so need this time off... big time!
My totes are packed with projects to finish and I may even throw in a "new" project as a reward for finishing other projects.  I will double check all the totes Sunday to make sure everything is there that I will need.

And this weekend I get to meet a fellow quilter/blogger and someone I only know via Pat Sloan's Quilt Mashup.  I'm so excited to meet Sarah V.  I just know she is an amazing person.  She knew my word for 2012 was "Believe" and when she saw a Christmas stocking panel with the word "believe" on it - she sent it to me!!  How wonderful is that?  I will be making this stocking into "something" but I know it won't be a stocking ... at least I that is what I think right now - there is something forming in this pea-brain I own ☺

I hope to come back here a lot sooner then two month and show you some pictures of  when Sarah and I met!  And I will also tell you about some swap blocks I  participated in this year - it was so much fun!!

Until then - keep your needle sharp!


  1. I'm always glad to see you posting on FB. The Blog is nice too. Where are you meeting Sarah V at? Have fun at you Camp wanna sew. I know how you feel- I had over 12 quilts finished by this time last year.

  2. Shirley, just came across your blog; link from a link from a link. I'm too tired to remember all the connectors. While I live in American Fork, Utah, (and have done for the past 14 years), I spent most of my life in Canada. It's no small country! I have lived at HANEY, at the Coast of B.C, Lytton, in the interior of B.C, Chilliwack, at the Coast of B.C, Calgary, AL, CFB Borden, ON, Midland, ON, Barrie, ON, Orillia, ON, and finally, Sardis, B.C.

    So, knowing Canada as well as I do, what general area are you at? I love to keep in the loop with my Canadian connections. My children and grandchildren still live in B.C., so I get up there about four times a year.


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