Thursday, May 2, 2013

That "four letter word" got in the way Again!!

Can you believe I missed a couple of posts yet again? That four little word I don't like to say got in the way, yet again. You know the one? Starts with "W" ends in "K" and has "OR" in the middle. Yah! That one!!! But never mind....we will start again.

I've been super busy, as you already have guessed, but not much of it has been sewing. I have put in a few hours at the machine and it sure feels good. I even created a little wall hanging and it won first place at Quilt Day 7. The theme was Canadiana and what would you think would fit the bill? Moose? Beaver? the Nickel? Heck no! I thought of something so very near and dear to my heart!!
Yes, my Timmies!! and the idea came to me the weekend before the event. But that wasn't the best part!!
See I speed read and sometimes "miss" the important part. Well I really did it this time...I thought it was 100" minimum....but it was MAXIMUM!! This was originally approx. 28" x 32", which meant I had to cut this baby down to roughly 25 inches square! What a challenge! and I only started to put it back together the Friday nite before it was to be shown. I did win even though there were only 8 entries, but it was a win. Moral of the story, "as in quilting you measure twice and cut once; so read twice and twice again, then and only then do you proceed!!"

More projects next week ... yes I have some catching up to do!!

Sew happy you read this today,