Saturday, July 3, 2010

The "Dust Bunnies" are enormous!

QUICK!!!  Get the Swiffers!! The "dust bunnies" rather the "dust kangaroos" are running wild in the sewing room!   I must admit, I left the door open for this to happen.  Working on projects then all of a sudden another idea comes to mind and I must react to it...well things get put in this corner, on that shelf and before you know it- all hell has broke loose!  LOL   So now that I am feeling somewhat better, I am putting things back in their place and collecting all the "kangaroos" to get ready for the next set of projects that I have been preparing.

"You prepare projects?"   Well, yes I do.  When it is time to "play" I like to have the project already cut and a plan in place before I start.  How else do you think that I can do so many things in a week or at one time?   I might add that I do have the ability to be able to do three or more things at one time.  No, really I can, I tested it this week LOL   Most people I know can do two.  I was dusting the floors/machines, while contemplating the start of yet another project, AND 2 embroidery machines were going!  Sweep, sweep, think, change thread, sweep, change thread, think, sweep, sweep....answer phone, check Facebook, change thread... phew I was tired when those two hours were done LOL    But I did get rid of quite a few kangaroos and embroidered 10 t-shirts; put the patterns away and got the next project at a stage that is ready for finishing...YES!  As well I put more "scraps" in one of the scrap totes.  Damn that thing never goes down!!  

By next week sometime I should have the sewing room back to "my" normal!  Yes, I said "my normal" as not every single thing will be put away.  Somethings must stay close at hand (the scrap tote for one) as I use them very regular and having to take them out of their hiding space and that wastes valuable time when in the sewing room.  Although I sew all summer long, this summer will not be as productive.  I have some painting I want to get done upstairs (the living area for DH LOL) and that will be done over a couple of weeks... not a young as I was where I could do it all in one or two days LOL  The kitchen is getting a major face lift with new paint on ceiling and walls; new light fixtures and then a new border (once the paint cures).  I have two dressers I want to repaint and the kitchen table to re-stain and the sewing will be done in small spots of time.  Having those projects ready and waiting will make the completion of them run smoothly and give me a needed break when I put down the paint brush/roller.

Pictures?  Yikes - there aren't any this time.  Bummer, huh?  But I will post some pics of my progress as I work on those other projects while I'm in the painting mode... deal?

Till the next time... keep your fingers nimble!!

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