Feeling Like Something New? Yes, Please!!

It’s not like that I don’t have anything else that I can work on to bring it to its finished stage.  Couldn’t be further from the truth.  At one point, (maybe 6 or more years ago) I had well over 100 projects in various stages of completion.  I did cut that down by quite a bit but I still have many, many more to complete.  Although, many are at the "to-be-quilted" stage and I just haven’t got to "wanting" to do that part ... yet!  Soon I will bring myself to corral all of these UFO’s in one area and count them.  Kind of dreading that day! 😨 I have some projects right now that I have spent 12 or more hours on and they are not even close to looking like they are ready for completion.  There are times when the amount of time one spends on any given project really plays with your “mojo” see it to the finish, so you need to , no that’s not right,  have to , still not right ... want to start something new!  That’s it!  I’m at the want stage!!!   Yes, I have two comm
After almost 3 years. (whoa! Can you believe that long??) .... I'm baaaack! What a glorious feeling it is to be home!  I will be sharing my works along the way and of course the "mis-takes" when they happen.  😕 Who knows what this next adventure will bring ... but I'm ready for it!! Have a wonderful week!  Now off to my happy place I go!! 😊

Camp time is here!!!

Wednesday is "move out" day!   Camp Wanna Sew here I come!! I've been packing since Friday evening...think I'm excited??  :-) Put it in the tote - take it out of the tote.  I've packed things that come along just for the ride, so I'm really trying not to do that this time, and with my sciatic acting up I really don't want to aggrevate it by carrying stuff in that I won't even look at!!   So here is hoping I have got it right this time, but I doubt it :-) I've cut down by two totes this camp!! There are a number of quilts/projects I have taken (bottom box) that I hope to get sandwiched for this summers quilting ... or quilted in the fall, I'm not in a hurry.  While at camp I make the most out of the large tables and not having to be on my hands and knees to sandwich quilts!  Now that HURTS!!  So I bring 5 - 7 projects for sandwiching, and quilt whenever the mood strikes me.   So wanted to re-create this quilt for myself ... n

31 Days to Camp Wanna Sew!!

The last month has been  a whirlwind of mainly work, so my playroom, Tillie, Ruby, Patti and Sally-Sue (my machines)  have all been missing me, just as I have been missing them. Constant brain-drain literally takes away my creative "me-time" when I get home at night and unfortunately, on the weekends now too.   So much so, that all I do is eat, sleep, work and repeat.   Just short of  two months left for this kind of schedule.... here's hoping I last this one out!   Gotta love audit time. BUT  .... Camp Wanna Sew is coming up in 31 days and I'm doing my best not to be burnt out before that time comes....there are priorities you know!  Really there are...  LOL    I'm making my staying up late and sewing into the wee hours of the morning for four nights my priority!  ;-) So I'm going to start packing things up (in between the working at home) and start the wonderful count down to sewing with some of the best friends a quilter could have!  And believe me..

6 months.... REALLY??

You are kidding .... right??    Nope.... 6 months to the day has passed since my last post.  Unbelievable!! By now I guess you have figured out that I am not a "true blogger".   But that is okay, right? At least to me it is... no place for stress here as this is not work!! So, just so you can get up to date with what I have been working on ...this will be a "picture blog". Most all this was done November, as I was pretty sick remember for 6 weeks, (last blog post)  and had absolutely no ambition to even walk into my playroom.   We will see how long before I post again.  Enjoy!! Christmas gifts - Dammit Dolls  for quilty friends 2014 embroidered towels for great-nieces/nephews for Christmas Knitting carrying case made for Daughter for Christmas Knitting carrying case for Daughter family friends Christmas Gifts mini-Ipad carrier for Grand Daughter Madison for Birthday Jan 2015 made two for the Grandsons for Christmas 201

Could of been the Whiskey... might have been the...

Big mack truck that hit me!   Holy hannah cold and flu season is upon us!! Camp Wanna Sew was great .... really it was.  Now if I can only remember everything I did while there ... it would be great!   I know I was busy ... and I know I was very productive, but upon returning home Sunday afternoon (Sept 28th) I fell sick to an awful bug.  Actually, it had been "brewing" at least a week prior (Sept 18th) to camp, but when I got home from camp - I let my guard down ... oh boy! did I get hit.   My sister and daughter said it must have been the adrenline rush of going to camp and being there that held off the evil that was lurking until I got back home. Monday and Tuesday were part of my holidays which were spent flat out with a chest cold.  Wed and Thurs were the first days sick days I took in almost 3.5 years of work (n ot many can say that I know!!),  I was still flat out!!  What the heck!??   Returned to work on Friday (nobody else gonna do it!!) and worked all the n

And summer is over! WHAT?!

It's been a whirlwind the last couple of months.  And summer was in there??   Okay, so a whole two days of summer doesn't count - let's have a "due-over"!!  Who's in for that??  Not a whole lot of extra time since the last "report"  but I did make the best of what time I did manage to sneak away from everyday/work life.   AND I have taken "my time" back at work so I'm a slightly happy camper.  ☺ Just slightly LOL Speaking of camper - it's time to pack up for Camp Wanna Sew.  Like men with their hunting, my focus is on just getting through each day until the it's time to leave.  And that my friends is in 9 sleeps!   Woo Hooo!!!  Doing a happy dance here, I tell you!  Then it will be a long 8 months waiting  until the next one. Booooo....hiss!!!  So I will enjoy each moment with all the camp friends made over the past 7 or 8 years that I have been going and sew till I drop! ☺ This weekend I worked on Christmas presents for