Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer time...yes it really is!

What a gorgeous summer we are having!  I don't remember a summer like this in ages!  Okay, never mind any comments about how old I "could" be!  LOL

Not a long post - just one to let you know that I am still mobile!  Sewed all last weekend and got quite a few UFO's (UnFinished Objects) done and that really made my week.  Have a few more lined up to do when I get back to sewing "full bore"

I have quite a few household projects that I'm ready to start and will have to really work hard on those as most of it is painting and I want to open the windows when the weather permits.  So my sewing will be half hour here, half hour there.  BUT they do all add up in the long run! 

This is a scrap quilt that I had started, I think,  June 20th and finished it on June 22nd!  The fabric was all sorts of pieces from my actual fabric stash.  I showed you the blocks a couple blogs back.  It is called "Strip Disco" and was ohhh so very quick to do.  But once again, it didn't do a whole lot to lower the levels of fabric I have.  
I have cleaned up my storage area and can actually find the cutting desk I have there!  Yeahhhh for me!  I fold up some fabrics, sorted some patterns.  Now I must say that I had noticed an ever so small "hole" on my shelf of fabrics.  But then I open a box or tote and find fabric to fit in there.  LOL   See...never ending story...only thing is I'm not riding Falkor the luck dragon so I don't see it clearing out any time soon!!  (that's for those of you how remember this movie!  Great movie I might add.)

That's it for now... the dust bunnies are calling me so I have to go and play with destroy them LOL   Hmmm, just thinking - maybe I should be doing the household projects half hour at a time and sew the rest of the time!   Now I'm thinking!! 

"The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary." ~Mary Kurtz

Till next time - keep your needle sharp!


  1. wow Shirley...I really like this quilt!! I am glad to hear it is easy as I have been wanting to make one like that for awhile...but I have too many others in I had better not start another one!!

  2. YOU HAVE A BLOG !!...... this looks like a good scrap quilt, fast too ! keep at it.


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