Monday, July 12, 2010

Scraps in the planning stages!

Good day everyone!  Enjoying the summer?  I sure am, even if it is in front of my sewing machine!  I do enjoy the confines of my home, but once I get outside I'm just like the little kids and don't want to come back in, but it is to get me outside first

The Re-Dec in the kitchen is very slow.  The wallpaper from many years ago (at least 10 I think it is) is coming off in very teeny, tiny pieces.  Thanking my lucky stars that I only did the bottom half of the kitchen walls.  Soon it will be all off and the painting can begin. 

Remember last time I said I "plan" my projects?  Well, I am still cutting scraps up. One set will be a tablecloth for my new kitchen!   If I can make drapes out of quilts - why can't I make a tablecloth, right?   Once again these are all from my scraps.  The pieces are 1 1/2" wide so it really did nothing to the scrap bin.  I will get some pics up next time!

Another set of scraps are going to make a quilt called Scrappy Bargello by Bonnie Hunter.  She is my favorite scrap quilt designer!   I have a few more strips to cut for this one but I'm trying to not repeat too many of the fabrics; only the ones I really, really like.  I know I have way more scraps then what this quilt will make so I think I may revamp the pattern and make it a smaller one too.  Yes, that means working with smaller strips.  These ones are 2 1/2" and then next one will be maybe 2" as there were alot of scraps that were just shy of being wide enough.  Don't you just love scrappy quilts?    I have now found 2 other patterns that I really would like to make and of course they both use LOTS of scrappy pieces.  Well, I'm going to make them use lots of scrappy pieces LOL  This one - - Scrappy Oceans Waves again by Bonnie Hunter will be my sort of "guideline" I will follow.  My blocks are going to be bigger than she used as I don't want to be making HST (half square triangles) in 1 1/2" thank you very much!   Her block is only 6" where I'm looking at making mine 10 or 12 inches....big difference LOL

So it's off to work to start another week.  Although if all goes to plan my week is done on Wednesday so I will have lots of sewing time ... at least there will be "time" for it once I get more wallpaper off! 

Keeping you in Stitches...

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