Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August is almost over!

And the rains have started and I think has forgotten how to stop?  But we desperately need some rain before the snow comes...water levels are down way too low!   I feel for those people who have wells.   Do hope we have more sunshine in store with rain at nite, that would be the perfect scenario.  Can you believe that August is almost over??  Why is it every time a new month starts, the end is so soon after that?   I think we are having the days inbetween stolen from us...  don't you??

I have been sewing but not sure that I'm actually making any headway!  Have some (5) display projects for a local quilting shop that are almost all done, all except the quilting that is .....yeaaaaa!  Hopefully this week I will be able to get a few of them quilted.  Hope I can remember to post pictures of them when they are all done.  I am trying so hard to keep a record of the projects that I am doing to make a slide show, well a screen saver really for my computer LOL

Right now hubby and I are fighting some kind of early "flu" bug.  And it's nasty.  It is body aches like you wouldn't believe and coughing that is ripping your throat out!  Blah!!  And I'm not giving in! 

Off to do some much needed tidying up here and then back to the sewing machine for a few hours or until my younger sister shows up :)    Will love having a visit from her!! 

Until next week, please keep yourself well,
(please note this blog has been de-bugged before posting LOL)

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