Friday, August 6, 2010

Did you know.....??

Can you believe that it is August already???  Did you know that we are in the eighth month of what was, rather what I thought was, the beginning of a new year?   I wish I would have kept track of all the projects that I started and finished so far this year.  Not to mention all the UFO's that I finished up too!  I know I did quite a few of those...but there are quiet a few more left here to do, I'm sad to say.   A few of those UFO's are going to be "recycled" into another project, as I have found that a few of them are like "what the heck was I thinking!!" projects LOL  You just cannot finish something you have no liking for anymore, so I will use the fabric to make something else scrappy.

As I look back on some of the projects that are in the UFO boxes, I see a change of colors I onced used from yellow, burgandy & blues in fairly bright shades, to deep gold, rustic reds and dark dusty blues.  I went through a blue and yellow stage for the kitchen...but that has passed now.  What oh what am I going to do with the blue, yellow & teapot fabrics now?  Guess I will make something for sale with them!  

The kitchen is almost done now... thank goodness!  The paint looks fantastic, although try as I might it still looks similar to the living room.  But I like it...I really do!  Now to finish the decorating end of it!  Curtains, pictures, etc.   When I was looking for a replacement border Ches says, "don't worry so much about the cost, just be sure you do it right and the way you want it".  Wonder if that also pertained to changing the countertop??   Guess I best not push my luck! LOL

I must have known what color I would choose for the kitchen as when I was shopping back in February for Christmas fabrics  (Yes, I said "Christmas"!!!)  to make table runners and placemats, I bought fabric in a brown and a limey green... Do you know the Christmas colors I'm talkin' about; goes really well with ivory/beige?   Wonder when I will find the time to make those??  Hmmm  guess I need to go to sewing camp again and find my time there.

Speaking of camp, that is next month!  Did you know that is only 40 days away??  Wooo Hooo!  There has been one more day added, that makes five gloriest days, so I will be really sewing up a storm.  Already have a tote packed with some UFO's but will add my Christmas fabrics and some ideas for moi !

It has been over a week since I last was in the sewing room and did you know  that I am now starting to go heavily into withdrawal?   Awful feeling that is, but I will remedy that this weekend!

Well friends, my coffee break is over (as I wait for paint to dry... literally! LOL) and I best get back to the last little bit left that I have to paint.   You all take good care and I sure hope you are really enoying this super great summer we are having.  Did you know that the leaves are already starting to change color???

OH....and one last note.....

 Did you know that there are now 140 days to Christmas?? 

Keep that smile going..... 

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