Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who needs this many???

When recently asked "how many pairs of scissors you own?", I decided to really take a closer look at that.  Well I could remember for the most part where most were located and can you believe that after  finding  collecting 43 pairs of them, I know of 4 pairs that are NOT in this picture.  Yes, I swear all of these belong to me and no one else and for the most part I think I use about 3/4's of them.  AND can you believe that when I go and shop for look at notions, that scissors are one of the things I look lust over??  Like who really needs this many!  Now to put them back in their perspective workstations.  I do not like having to look for a pair of scissors when I need them... hmmm... can you tell??  LOL   Think I should try for an even 50... what do you think ???   
43 pairs of scissors .. with 4 pairs missing in action!!
I have been sewing but not with great gusto, but soon I hope.  The re-decorating (painting) is pretty well all done and now I'm taking some down time with organizing a few blocks for my quilt guild up coming season and planning a couple of mystery patterns for me to give them classes with.  That all requires testing and picture taking so I will not be going at top speed.  But soon!  I head to Camp Wanna Sew in September for 5 glorious days and plan to really do some "great" things ... at least that is the plan!

But for now I will be content with reading my patterns and quilting magazines and dream of when I am spending more of my time at the sewing machine working with "creativity" (my word of the year LOL)

So you all take good care and be ready to "see" more projects in the next couple of months. 

With needle in hand,

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