Friday, October 29, 2010

A Challenge for me! Can I do it?

"Is it hard to do a signature quilt?"  That was the question I was asked in September by a gal who was looking for ideas for a fundraiser for a girl in our community.  I was at work when she asked this question and of course the brain kicked into overdrive right away!   It is easy to "think" of a signature quilt (okay for me it is LOL) and but this was 18 days before the date needed!  So I asked what size and how many signatures was she looking for and would they mind a scrappy quilt.  When the answers came back later the same day, I said I would take it on.  Now of those 18 days I was going to be away for 9 or 10 of them, at work for 5 of them so that left either 3 or 4 days to whip up a quilt.  Hmmmm, I can do it ... can't I?  Sure I can!   So, that same nite I designed a layout for the quilt and worked up a border that could be used for an overflow of signatures if needed.  Tested the block that nite, tested the border, and Yeah....this will work.   Now I thought I would take this to Camp Wanna Sew, but decided that camp was going to be "my" time so left this project at home.  That way I can record the making of this project properly, something I have started doing with projects that are near and dear to my heart, and for some reason this one really became "my baby".

Example of quilt
created in EQ6 - A quilt program

I was home the Monday before the weekend it was needed and started cutting the scraps; and cutting and cuttting!  When using takes ALOT longer to get things ready for sewing as you are working with smaller pieces of fabric which need to be pressed, THEN cut and you may only get one piece depending on the size of the scrap.   Oh, oh....didn't count on all this extra time for this kind of cutting.  All's good though; I only have to work 2 1/2 days this week and will have all of Friday to work on it.  (it's needed for Saturday!)  

Okay, so I didn't plan on getting sick for 2 days during this week!  So, Thursday nite I am forcing myself to cut from the scraps and get this baby together. I only have 2 or 3 of 42 blocks done and 2 or 3 of the 16 border pieces needed!!   Then I get a brainwave (yes I do have them sometimes LOL) and decide it will be easier to not have the quilt all together to make it easier for signing....Good Thinking!!  That has now taken some of the pressure off, so very late Thursday (well okay... very early Friday morning is more like it) I have all the blocks done and part of the border.  

I am pleased to say that I was able to have everything all sewn and organize for signing the blocks by supper time on Friday nite!  What a huge relief!  Saturday I would relax until it was time to head to the fundraiser! And I did!

Now that I've told you the story, I will explain, for those who don't quilt, what a signature quilt is.  The "white" parts on the quilt that is forming a sort of "x", on my example, are places where a person will sign and pay certain amount of money for doing so for the fundraising.  The signatures are with a special pen for fabric so that when washed it doesn't erase or fade.  My goal was to have all of the center squares sold, and move on out to the borders when that happened to achieve a set goal I had set for myself.  I'm happy to report that I did get all the center sold and did move out to the border and achieved the goal I had set and even went over it!  I was so happy and felt so good to have done this for this special girl.

I hope to show you the finished product in a few weeks after I have it quilted; yes it is all together!!

I guess you can say this is a way of  "Paying it forward"

Happy days to all!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Camp Wanna Sew - The BIG Project

One project kind of took over the rest of Camp Wanna Sew.  It has been in my UFO pile for many, many years.  But it is huge!   93" x 111".  The picture you see is how it is still  and will be until the next camp in April 2011.  I will then add alot of the leaves that are appliqued on top with a vine.  I think putting them all on when the quilt is at it's largest will definitely be a huge hinderance in getting it done, so I decided to leave it in two pieces and do as much as I can while it is not put together therefore leaving only a minimal number of leaves to be put down when it is the whole size!  YIKES!!

 The part that makes the "star" was made a long time ago.  I still really like the colors, so for that I am most thankful!   Speaking of thankful.... here is another tablerunner I started putting together.  Joined At The Hip pattern called "Always Give Thanks".  Isn't it cute? 

Of course it is too late for this year, but I can be sure and be on time for next year :)

Hmmm I'm beginning to see pattern here, no pun intended.  It's start, stop ... start, stop.. hmmmm  Notice that the last few projects shown never did get finished?  Oh, oh ... guess I have to do something about that, now don't I.

Keep watch to see how things unfold in the ever sewing life I have  :-)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Camp Wanna Sew is over

Hard to believe that I have been to Camp Wanna Sew and back already, and I haven't even told you about it!   The drive in was just beautiful!
 I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the ladies (45 of them!!) and catching up with some of them from last camp.  Some ladies I see between camps, and others I only see them at camp.  It is wonderful to see what they have been doing since the last we all met.  Amazing what kind of work we all can do!  Of course it takes about 3 days for me to catch up on  my sleep when I get home, as I do take advantage of the sewing time I have there; sewing until the wee hours of the morning.

 Now the meals!  Oh my, oh my... not only can we all sew, but we can all cook too!   I really tried to behave...honest I did! 

Alas, I guess I will be giving the treadmill  an extra stroll or two for the next couple of weeks.  

What a combination sewing and quilting make!  I made candlemats for our supper on Saturday nite and gave them way as door prizes.  Made 3 large and 6 small ones.
Brooke on her 2nd birthday

Got this little doll quilt made for a little Doll of a grand-daughter, Brooke, using the X-block tool.  I was testing it using the "belly-button" ruler, and I had so much fun with this that I can hardly wait to try the larger rulers.  That will have to wait for awhile, as I have decided to start working with UFO projects....and that I know is going to get very, very scary!

Autumn Leaves (with Turkey Variation)

Operation Turkey
This one was an Eleanor Burns pattern and oh what fun this one was!  Again, I will use the rulers from this pattern to make a leaf quilt from scraps!  Yes, the almighty scrap pile will be used yet again LOL 
And, My Diane....Operation Turkey was a success!!

Lucky Charms by Pat Sloan
Now this is a Pat Sloan pattern I followed from her blog.  
I only had to do the blanket stitching around the appliques and put the borders on so that I could be ready to quilt it, and I did...yeah for me!  This will hang in the entrance to our home.  Darn it all I have to go shopping for batting & backing to complete it!

Next time I will tell you about my BIG project that I worked on..... I'm still tired from working on that one!

Hugs all,

Monday, October 4, 2010

What a weekend in September!

WOW!  October is here and I didn't tell you about my sewing weekend, well two weekends actually ....sheesh! 

Hubby had a fishing weekend, early September, so I planned to sew my heart out.  Well, okay, not really.  Seems I still had some kind of "cold" lurking, trying to make its way out, but I'm fought it and won that time!!

Saturday (Sept 9th) brought this cute little number to an end.  I started her last year after I had made a very good friend one for her birthday.  And of course never got back to it, so I got her ready for this year!  And this baby is all quilted too!  Then I cut out a table runner for thanksgiving.  No, I didn't get this one last year, but I did get it after Christmas thinking I would have had it long finished by now.  But you all know how life gets in the way of things.  Now I know I did some other projects...but I will have to go back in time to figure what those were ...hmmm that could take awhile LOL

I also got some of my sewing room back in order, but that was then and this is now, so we won't talk about it, okay?  LOL  

My projects (the runner I just cut being one of them) were packed up into a tote to bring to Camp Wanna Sew at the end of the month.  Actually my tote was pretty well packed from last camp, I just cut some of the fabrics from the projects in there so I just had to sew them up.  Was so dang excited to go too!  Five glorious days of none stop sewing...well okay a few hours to eat and sleep BUT that's it!   I'll catch you all up on that later this week ...  promise!!

Forever stitchin', but not in the kitchen!