Friday, October 29, 2010

A Challenge for me! Can I do it?

"Is it hard to do a signature quilt?"  That was the question I was asked in September by a gal who was looking for ideas for a fundraiser for a girl in our community.  I was at work when she asked this question and of course the brain kicked into overdrive right away!   It is easy to "think" of a signature quilt (okay for me it is LOL) and but this was 18 days before the date needed!  So I asked what size and how many signatures was she looking for and would they mind a scrappy quilt.  When the answers came back later the same day, I said I would take it on.  Now of those 18 days I was going to be away for 9 or 10 of them, at work for 5 of them so that left either 3 or 4 days to whip up a quilt.  Hmmmm, I can do it ... can't I?  Sure I can!   So, that same nite I designed a layout for the quilt and worked up a border that could be used for an overflow of signatures if needed.  Tested the block that nite, tested the border, and Yeah....this will work.   Now I thought I would take this to Camp Wanna Sew, but decided that camp was going to be "my" time so left this project at home.  That way I can record the making of this project properly, something I have started doing with projects that are near and dear to my heart, and for some reason this one really became "my baby".

Example of quilt
created in EQ6 - A quilt program

I was home the Monday before the weekend it was needed and started cutting the scraps; and cutting and cuttting!  When using takes ALOT longer to get things ready for sewing as you are working with smaller pieces of fabric which need to be pressed, THEN cut and you may only get one piece depending on the size of the scrap.   Oh, oh....didn't count on all this extra time for this kind of cutting.  All's good though; I only have to work 2 1/2 days this week and will have all of Friday to work on it.  (it's needed for Saturday!)  

Okay, so I didn't plan on getting sick for 2 days during this week!  So, Thursday nite I am forcing myself to cut from the scraps and get this baby together. I only have 2 or 3 of 42 blocks done and 2 or 3 of the 16 border pieces needed!!   Then I get a brainwave (yes I do have them sometimes LOL) and decide it will be easier to not have the quilt all together to make it easier for signing....Good Thinking!!  That has now taken some of the pressure off, so very late Thursday (well okay... very early Friday morning is more like it) I have all the blocks done and part of the border.  

I am pleased to say that I was able to have everything all sewn and organize for signing the blocks by supper time on Friday nite!  What a huge relief!  Saturday I would relax until it was time to head to the fundraiser! And I did!

Now that I've told you the story, I will explain, for those who don't quilt, what a signature quilt is.  The "white" parts on the quilt that is forming a sort of "x", on my example, are places where a person will sign and pay certain amount of money for doing so for the fundraising.  The signatures are with a special pen for fabric so that when washed it doesn't erase or fade.  My goal was to have all of the center squares sold, and move on out to the borders when that happened to achieve a set goal I had set for myself.  I'm happy to report that I did get all the center sold and did move out to the border and achieved the goal I had set and even went over it!  I was so happy and felt so good to have done this for this special girl.

I hope to show you the finished product in a few weeks after I have it quilted; yes it is all together!!

I guess you can say this is a way of  "Paying it forward"

Happy days to all!


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