Monday, October 4, 2010

What a weekend in September!

WOW!  October is here and I didn't tell you about my sewing weekend, well two weekends actually ....sheesh! 

Hubby had a fishing weekend, early September, so I planned to sew my heart out.  Well, okay, not really.  Seems I still had some kind of "cold" lurking, trying to make its way out, but I'm fought it and won that time!!

Saturday (Sept 9th) brought this cute little number to an end.  I started her last year after I had made a very good friend one for her birthday.  And of course never got back to it, so I got her ready for this year!  And this baby is all quilted too!  Then I cut out a table runner for thanksgiving.  No, I didn't get this one last year, but I did get it after Christmas thinking I would have had it long finished by now.  But you all know how life gets in the way of things.  Now I know I did some other projects...but I will have to go back in time to figure what those were ...hmmm that could take awhile LOL

I also got some of my sewing room back in order, but that was then and this is now, so we won't talk about it, okay?  LOL  

My projects (the runner I just cut being one of them) were packed up into a tote to bring to Camp Wanna Sew at the end of the month.  Actually my tote was pretty well packed from last camp, I just cut some of the fabrics from the projects in there so I just had to sew them up.  Was so dang excited to go too!  Five glorious days of none stop sewing...well okay a few hours to eat and sleep BUT that's it!   I'll catch you all up on that later this week ...  promise!!

Forever stitchin', but not in the kitchen!

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