Friday, January 14, 2011

Sew, Sew, SEW!!

What is it that you would love to do and keep doing?  For me it is sewing and quilting, but I think you may have already guessed that.  Right now I'm working on altering 3 dresses for a wedding later this month and realized that I really enjoyed making clothing... no really I do!  I remember when I would make my own dress for weddings I was attending or functions we were going to and be putting the final stitch into the dress just hours before having to put it on!!  Friends would ask "and exactly when did you finish what you are wearing, yesterday??"   They knew me too well LOL.   Over the past few years I have become very particular as to what projects I will take on.  Working with chiffon is one I will not do anymore.  I know when my frustration will hit it's limit on certain projects, so I don't take on that kind anymore, even if I can do them and will do them well.
It is not worth throwing my blood pressure outta wack!! LOL

You see, as much as I love to sew, I love to sew for others - that is when my schedule permits it.  And I usually put all others "first" before I ever work on my own clothing/projects, and I seem to always make time for others Of course that has got me into a couple tight spots come time for me to have some thing to wear and trying to get it finished for myself!  I guess this is how many of my UFO's were born!!  Putting my projects on the back burner to make time for someone else and of course the momentum is gone - so let's start something else.  Yes, I think I can safely say my UFO's were created this way.   With clothing they really never became UFO's as they were to be worn at a certain time and there was no way I was going out to buy something!!

Being short is a struggle in finding clothing that fits well.  Ask me... I know!!  This is one of the reasons that I started to make my own clothing - years ago!  I very seldom do that now, but there are times I look at something and think "I can do that!"  But I don't... I know it won't get finished unless I have a place and time it is actually needed for LOL

So seeing I am going to work on busting UFO's this year, I best get back to the "Down-Under Sweat Shop" ... my sewing room!!

Until next time ... keep safe and warm!

PS.... Happy Birthday, Sister!!

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