Monday, January 31, 2011

UFO update - Or Not?

Well you all know by now, that I'm on a mission to bust some UFO's this year and for the life of me I cannot get on the band wagon to do so!!   Try as I might, I just cannot pull one out and finish it.  Any ideas on what I can do?

Actually, I'm thinking that it is due to the "winter blues" and we are not talking color here!  I need lots of sunshine even if I am in a sewing room with no windows and don't see it.  I just have to know it's there if I need it and we have only just started getting some of that beautiful stuff, so here's to hoping the energy level returns.

Last Wednesday I went to sew with a couple of great friends and did manage to take out a UFO and got it half  done, so there could be hope for me yet...maybe??  We are now back to meeting each month so that will be my UFO time.  Yes, yes, I know!  I need way more time than one day a month to work on the UFO's and I will start to make the time ... as soon as I find my energy again.  You didn't happen to have seen it, have you??  Well if you do, can you tell it I'm looking for it and to please come home.  Thanks!!

Will keep you updated on the process...I hope!!



  1. Shirley...I know what you can do.....if no energy for UFOs....start something new!!! That is what I am doing this month when the hours of sunlight are so LOW!! I joined a quilt along and that pushes me along.....yipppeee!! Try'll like it...guaranteed!! heehee :)

  2. LOL Carly! I'm trying to bust them this year...not add to them. So far pretty good. Have two I've started and now I have to quilt that timely manner - thinking by the end of Feb!!


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