Saturday, February 26, 2011

This month is over???

Snappin' Blue Bells of Scotland!  February is almost over???  Can you believe it?  
Behind all this is my sewing room!
Believe me - that space is NOT
that big to get through!!

I'm sure I have been busy but at what I'm not so sure of.  There was some sewing...yes; and some knitting - okay but what else?   Oh right!! Renovations!  Seems hubby wanted the floor in the basement done and once he started there was no turning back for him.   The door to my sewing room has been blocked for 2 1/2 weeks so I haven't been working down there at all.  Moved one of my machines upstairs on the kitchen table and there is has sat all this time.  Kitchen is in shambles, but tomorrow that will all start changing.   Phew...I thought these reno's would never end!  Today I moved out a few of the boxes and totes; sorted and organized and actually threw "some" things away!!  It is a start!!

In Oct there was a fundraiser here in our little town and I made a signature quilt for the young lady.  I am most happy as to how it turned out and moving upstairs with my sewing machine gave me the opportunity to actually get the quilting on it done!  Whoopee for me!

Completed February 2011
Yes, I will do another on similar to this but not as a signature quilt.  Just a plain ole scrappy quilt from my scraps.  Which I might add have NOT gone down at all.  It seems when you work with make MORE scraps .... UGHHHHH!   But I do enjoy working with them...really I do.

Then when there is curling on TV, I either do down binding on quilts by hand or I knit!  So I went and found a couple of the UFO's that I'm busting (yes, I am still busting those babies!!) and finished up two sweaters and still working on a third.  You know, I forgot just how much I love to knit!! LOL
  I am now working on Sweater #3.  Just have the sleeves to make and another UFO will be done!   Then onto a pair of mitts that have been sitting half finished for a few years...yes years.  
UFO Sweater #1
UFO Sweater #2

Sewn & quilted for LQS

Front of now table topper - was to be a curtain for a door!
Back of the table topper

Many, Many YEARS old...but it's done!!
Now I did work on other UFO's at the same time as the Fund Raider quilts.  All were done within a 4 day span!  Believe me - when my Mojo is running at full capacity I can work like nobody you have seen.  Truly, I can think ahead to another project while machine quilting on yet another and have all the kinks/ideas worked out before I even pick it up!!  Sometimes it's scary, but most times I welcome it cause it isn't always like that, believe.  There are times a struggle for ages to figure out something and that doesn't make for a happy quilter!

Tomorrow is not a planned sewing day as much as I would like it to be due to the organizing downstairs, but I hope to maybe make it to the sewing machine for at least an hour.  I have blocks I promised to make for a special Internet friend and they are all cut and ready to sew!  Then all my promises of work for others is done!!  Only wish I could say it was that easy to do for the organization that is to be done.  Do I hear any takers for helping??  LOL

Keep yourselves busy until the next time I check in, which I hope will not be too long from now.  At least it won't be as long as the last one!  ;-)

Hugs all,

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