Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Fund Raiser Quilt

With one quilt done there is now another in the balance just waiting to be finished.  I have started it and wouldn't you know it?  A flu/cold sets in.  Not now I say... I have work to do!  Alas I have to fight it off, but it's not an easy fight this time.  Guess I have to start going outside whether I like it or not.  

You see, I really am a hermit....really!  I love to be outside, but I don't like to initiate the mobility that brings me out there!  And I do love being outside (without the bugs of course!) and when you get me out there (playing) it is hard to get me to come back in!  Weird huh?   Actually if there are any nurses/doctors reading I'm sure it must be come kind of phobia - it has to be right?  Friends keep telling me to just go out and sit on the deck.... poke your head out your window for a few minutes everyday.  Well last night we had dinner with our dear daughter and when her father-in-law heard I was sick (again) he says to me "you have to got outside!"  I said " yes, everyone keeps telling me that"  He pipes up without  a heartbeat in between my reply and his and says "Well everyone can't be wrong"   OKAY!!!   I get it!   I will go outside!  Not sure when I will fit it in but I will sit on the deck for a few minutes "every day" and just see how well that works. 

Lots of scraps!
Now, through no fault but my own, I am in another time constraint with getting yet another quilt out from under the sewing machine, after keeping a low profile for the past 7 days.  See this little pile of fabrics?  Well they will make 5" squares that make up about 80% of the quilt.  Rather ... was going to make up 80%!  At last count I had 704 pieces to cut that were 1 3/4" x 5 1/2".  Four of these make up a block... I need 280 blocks.   All from my stash... all have to be ironed and cut.  And I have about 5 hours of cutting into this so far.  Yup...another "great" design and one that will be very wonderful (not sure about beautiful) but time is now not on my side to get it completed.  Last night I sewed and cut many of the pieces in the picture.  I was so very sure that I would have enough to get the squares I I stop sewing and decided to count what pieces were left.  AHHHHH!   I was going to be short by about 200 pieces!  WHAT?? How can this be?   So out comes the calculator and the design ... oh nutz.  Didn't calculate making it bigger.  Pieces needed .... 1128!  Far cry from 704 huh?   This would not due, so back to the drawing board I went and I think I have found the answer!  

But you will see/hear more of that another day as I really must get some sewing done!!
Always in Stitches,

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