Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind.....

OH my, oh my!  Last blog had me deliberating on all those pieces.  Well I did veto the idea of 1128 pieces I tell you.  And super FAST too.  

I am just starting to get back to normal since my last post, as after the flu/chest cold I battled almost a week of vertigo!  Upon reading about vertigo, it says it could happen after the onset of a bad cold ... well dahhh!   I do believe I get this every single time I am going to "get" a head cold.  See, I get the symptoms of a cold... but the cold doesn't surface.  When that happens, Mr. V decides to pay me a visit.  But I kicked the little bugger to the curb, at least for now.  I know he will come back just like a bad case of ... well I don't know what, but he will be back.  Until then - I play catch-up!!

Part of center panel
How's the quilt coming along??   I wish I could say it was blowing in the wind gathering up the fresh spring air, but it isn't yet.  The fund raiser quilt is coming along "okay", but not without a couple glitches.  One was getting sick when I had given myself a deadline of completion, which I have missed by a few days.  And two, a panel gone wrong.   Well not really wrong, just not up to my standard for this quilt.  Just when did my standards get so high????

Time to Sandwich outside panels.
I decided I would quilt this large quilt in 3 panels then do the  borders.  No, I have not done a quilt the way I'm doing this one, something similar but definitely not the same.  So, I'm going along by the seat of my pants, as some would say.  Last Friday I got a panel all quilted (by machine - no time to hand-quilt this!!) and I "thought" it looked okay... until Saturday morning.  Nope - not liking it.  I used a machine embroidery that is used to quilt with and the first one looking oh so darn fine!  So I kept going ... until 11:30 that night.   Now each embroidery design has approx 2500 stitches and about 3 minutes to stitch out - not much really when you really understand how these designs work.  BUT!  What I thought was going to be a quick and really nice way to do this quilt turned out to be a very low "okay" for me.  IF it would have been a quilt to give away, it would have been fine - maybe?  But for a Fund Raiser?  Nope - nothing doing.  Out came the stitches - all 2500 x 16 designs! Plus 4 smaller ones with about 1300 stitches!   What took 3 minutes to put down - took 45 minutes to undo!!  Times that by 16, divide it by 60 and see what you come up with.  Go head I'll wait until you get the calculator!!  LOL  Yes - If you got 12, that means 12 HOURS!!!  Every spare minute was use to take out all those stitches!  Yup... I am a "crazy" quilter!  After this episode I would be prone to think more like "insane"!   Monday night was when finally all the stitches had been removed!
Blocks going in outside border

In the mean time, I kept working on ALL the other parts of this quilt, which I must say are looking might fine. 
The final reveal will be on Thursday... yes I mean tomorrow (great gave myself another deadline!!!) but it may not come until 11:59:59 pm as I may need every single second to finish it by then.  Today is going to be a very long day as I re-quilt the panel and piece them all together.  


(whose good deeds are OVER for this year with this quilt!!)


  1. When I think of you Shirley...I think of the energizer bunny....just keeps on going!!! Looking forward to the "reveal"

  2. And a crazy bunny at that, Caryl! Thank you ;-)

  3. Shirley the quilt is beautiful and I am sure will be a big money item as a fund raiser. I agree you are a "crazy" quilter and you are an "energizer bunny," but you are wonderful.


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