Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Butterflies and Pillows

OH my goodness! What a ride I have been on the past 3 weeks!  Actually since April!!

I don't show excitement ... but boy if you could be in my body you would know just how excited I have been!!  I have butterflies having pillow fights in my stomach and my mind, small as it is, is racing a mile a second!!  I still cannot believe that it is me living this dream ...yes to me it is still a dream!   Soon the dream will end and I will awake with such wonderful memories ☺

Camp - from the shore line

I was at sewing camp a week ago and oh how I relaxed!  But the best part....was Saturday nite.  Where everyone (approx 50 people) wished me the best of luck with my "dream".  And I even got some sewing done too!
Of course I took way too many things to work on but you never know when the sewing fairies will come along to help you out so you best be ready! LOL

Peaceful... isn't it?
I have had this cut for some time and decided that I would get it sewn together this camp, and that was that!
It will be a tablecloth when I'm done quilting it, so here it is draped on my table.  What do you think?   Good choice?

Cannot concentrate very well tonite so I will sign off and be back in a week or so.... the butterflies are pillow fighting again! ;-)

Wishing you all perfect stitches,



  1. Congratulations on getting your Challenge on it's way to Colorado. I know how you are feeling- seeing our pictures in the magazine did that to me. I'm still saying - Pinch me- it's a dream.

  2. The camp looks beautiful. Love your table cloth. Is it a Thimbleberries pattern? We are all ready to start the voting. :)

  3. Yes, Beth,it is!!! It's called Forest View. Just love Thimbleberries!! :)

  4. camp sounds really great....super tablecloth...
    you may not show excitement....BUT it comes through loud and clear!! love it!!


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