Sunday, February 12, 2012

Okay... so I'm really not a "True" Blogger!!

I cannot believe just how fast time is going!  I mean really ... here we are in the middle of February!!  Can I please, pretty please have my January back?

 I had some time off work in early January and thought I would get some sewing and relaxing done.  NOT!  If I hadn't of "made the time" to have a sewing day with friends, I'm not even sure I would have sewed at all - THAT is just wrong!  

Work has totally taken over my life and my "me time" is almost non existent therefore making me not a happy camper sewer  person!  Between family (and I love 'em to death!) and work (it's a love/hate relationship LOL) there is almost nothing left to have "me time" with.  I do have to sleep in there too, you know!   So, with that being said, I do believe I will have to start making the time to create my "me time" any chance I get.  Hermits (that's partly me) like to be alone; well I confess that I am part Hermit and I thoroughly enjoy/need my alone time.  I re-energize/re-group because of it.  So in order to keep my sanity I do believe I have to take the bull by the horns and say "enough is enough already!"   

And just how does one gain back time lost?  One doesn't!  BUT you can start taking the time to make the time.  I believe that I can do that.  Starting with 15 - 30 minutes a day which will be mine alone to sew or even just hug my sewing machines.  Certainly not much, but it's a start.  It has been a real "culture" shock for me not to be sewing every day - that was my life, but hasn't been for almost 10 months now. It's high time to get some of that back, don't you think?  Well I most certainly believe that it is time!

What's with this "believe" ?  That is my "word" for 2012.  An internet quilting friend (Pat Sloan) introduced me to this a couple of years ago and each year I do pick a word on New Year's day and try to live by it.  I must do believe that work will get better; believe in myself; believe in others (that's a hard one!!), believe I can be a better person ... the list goes on.   So now I leave you with this until next time, which I hope will be soon, and be good to one another!



  1. I believe in you also Shirley. Celebrate each minute of "Me Time."

  2. Shirley....I know that you can carve out time to are an amazing woman who does so much so fast!! My word is choices and that is what I focus on making better choices with my time, etc. I am also wanting to figure a way to slow time...the older you get the faster time seems to go!!!

  3. Thank you Wanda & Caryl. I'm gonna try!!

  4. Yes, February is almost halfway over, but that means WINTER will end soon too. Hope you get your "me" time scheduled in there.

  5. Shirley you will make time for 'me time'. You are so amazing and work so hard, but you must have some time for yourself to keep balance. You go girl!


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