Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two months ... Not again??

Why is it I have such a hard time trying to blog?   Time, I say!  There just isn't enough of it.   Once again it is two months since my last blog.   Mind you not much is happening in the sewing/quilting department these days.

My sewing time is almost "nil"... no ... it is NIL!!  Work has overtaken my life and there are times when I wish I wasn't so darn dedicated to my work.  But alas that is me.  I work until things are the way I like them, THEN I slack of somewhat and soon I do believe that I will finally be in the drivers seat and  be able to slack off - not be running along side of the vehicle so to say. 

If I'm really lucky I get to sew with my some or one of my friends at least once a month.  Then the machines get shut down until the next time.  Here's to June where I believe that my "Me-Time" will start to be mine again and I can sew a little at nite.  I cannot wait as Tillie Topaz and Selina-Elise are in withdrawal without me in the "Down-under Sweat Shop" every day!

In a few days I head off to Camp Wanna Sew and spend 5 glorious days sewing to my hearts content!  And I plan to do so for many hours each day ... MANY HOURS!!  ☺  I so need this time off... big time!
My totes are packed with projects to finish and I may even throw in a "new" project as a reward for finishing other projects.  I will double check all the totes Sunday to make sure everything is there that I will need.

And this weekend I get to meet a fellow quilter/blogger and someone I only know via Pat Sloan's Quilt Mashup.  I'm so excited to meet Sarah V.  I just know she is an amazing person.  She knew my word for 2012 was "Believe" and when she saw a Christmas stocking panel with the word "believe" on it - she sent it to me!!  How wonderful is that?  I will be making this stocking into "something" but I know it won't be a stocking ... at least I that is what I think right now - there is something forming in this pea-brain I own ☺

I hope to come back here a lot sooner then two month and show you some pictures of  when Sarah and I met!  And I will also tell you about some swap blocks I  participated in this year - it was so much fun!!

Until then - keep your needle sharp!