Sunday, January 13, 2013

♫ ♪ Hello, is it me you're looking for? ♫ ♪ ♫

Bad, bad, bad blogger person!  That's me!  Admitting it is half the problem solved - right??  Sure hope so!

How is it that life (a wonderful four letter word) always gets in the way of doing things you love (4 letter word!!) and it seems to pass (4 letters - okay this is getting ridiculous!) you right by?   I'm not sure how but the last 1 year, 8 months and 18 days have been like that.  (alright! did you see just how many 4 letter words were in that last sentence alone?   I give up!!  LOL)

So without giving you the "Long Version" of my on-going saga, let's just say I will "try" one more time to be a little more regular with blog posting.  Posts may not be long but you will see "something" from me at least every couple of weeks, just to let you all know I didn't fall of the edge of the earth, even if that is where I am most of the time these days, but this is not about "me" but rather about what I create and enjoy doing.  Even though I enjoy my work ... it is not something I care to bring home with me... so it stays at work or rather I'm to find the "strength" within myself to make that happen.  And I don't want it here! 
"Strength" is my word to try and live by for 2013, along with my word of 2012 - "Believe".  There is strength in believing and I will try to concentrate on that this year.

So this blog is officially declared a NO WORK ZONE

 There! That takes care of that!  Let's move on!

 I have been working on the dreaded UFO's that have somehow accumulated  multiplied on their own!!  There are numerous ones all at various stages of completion and oh so many more I want to do. BUT!!!  I MUST complete some  UFO's FIRST.  I do complete at least one per month, thanks to the challenge at my guild the Next Stop Englehart Quilters Guild. I will "try" to take a few pictures (when I get the nerve up to count them!!) and show you what I have here to finish.  And if anyone one of you get bored - you can come here and do one up for me!  Martha make a mean cup of tea and I sure can do some baking, as long as I have someone else to help me eat it!
So let's start anew......

Here's to us inspiring each other to  move forward with those UFO's and new projects, be it sewing/quilting related or just any other little thing that gives us pleasure during 2013 - like spending time with family!

Super big hugs,


  1. Giant hugs to you and happy new year!! There are sooooooo many new projects to tempt me and I also have a lot of UFOs.....good luck working on all of yours!!

  2. Hi Shirley! Thanks for blogging. I'm trying for every Monday now and gradually doing more. I don't know why this is so hard for me.

  3. I'm trying for every second week, Cindy. Any more and I know I will not make it.

  4. A big happy new year!!! Time for the UFO challenge once again. I feel like all my sewing has been for work and my projects are taking a back seat. Makes me crabby. :)
    Hoping to find some balance this year.

  5. I'm crabby with you, Beth! So know what you mean!

  6. Shirley, put a calendar reminder in your phone with an alarm or on your computer to remind you to blog. I am going to try that this year. So far I have posted two in January and one in February, so I am at least getting it done twice a month.


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