Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Past Two Weeks!!!

OH , Yikes!!!  It's been just over two weeks since I last posted - one thing I was going to try and do every two weeks!   Dang-it-all, the time just flips right past yah if you are not careful to watch every second that goes by!!

Anyway.... I'm here !!

Right now I'm on some much needed downtime and enjoying my days sewing on UFO's.  I really don't care for that name.  But oh, man do I have UFO's!  Maybe I should find another name for those items that have been started and not finished!  (UnFinished Objects)  PIG's are Projects In Grocery sacs; WIP's are Works In Progress, but then again I could say all mine are that... right?   No, cause they really are not... some I have not worked on since 1998 - and I think there is one there that is every earlier than that!  In fact I'm positive it older than 25 years!  Thank heavens I used quality fabrics, (very rich for back then!!!) it just needs to be quilted!  I got it!!   PHD!  Yes, I remember that one now.  Going to work on my PHD's from now on!   Projects Half Done!  Doesn't that sound so much better?

I counted my UFO's (yes - I'm going to find another acrynom!!) last weekend and in the process cleaned up my fabric shelves.  They sure look good now; almost don't want to start any projects for fear of messing it all up!  And believe me - it only takes one project to turn it all upside down!
Oh, right!!  I said I counted my UF.... projects ☺  There is a whopping 83 in the works... yes you read correctly.  25 of those are pieces in TopVille waiting to be quilted.  Some of those are very large quilts and I will be farming those out to be quilted - some day.   The others?  Well I might try to get them done myself.   Of course they will be very simply done - BUT they will be done!
Monday and Tuesday nite saw me get 3 of the pesky little buggers off my list.  Oh, yah!  I made a list and I'm keeping track yet again of how many I get done this year.  Wonder if I should add how many I start?  LOL

This is one I'm working on right now.  I machine embroidered the quilting in the center of the blocks.  Then a decorative stitch along each edge of the blocks and free motion quilted in the setting blocks.  And that was just today!!  Wooot Woot!   I only have the border to quilt, but that is going to be done next week. 

And in keeping with keeping up ... I want to keep my posts "short".  Therefore it might able "visit" you every two weeks!!

Till next time - keep those stitches even,

Choux ♥


  1. GOOD for you! You have a few more in Topville than I do. I have over 100 PIT's (Projects in totes). I made that one up today. I have to say it again Beautiful Fans!!!

  2. 83...yikes...that is a LOT! I am not counting mine right now....I have major ones listed on the sidebar on my blog. BUT this past month I have started new things....that is what feels good to me during the dark days of January! Do what makes you happy...that is what I am doing!

  3. The fans are pretty. And nearly done too. I think I prefer PHD. How do we end up with so many. I am really going to try and get this list much shorter by the end of the year.
    Here is to finishes!
    Happy stitching

    1. We love too many nice things - that's how we end up with so many Beth!!

  4. Hey Shirley, love it. You actually admit how many UFQs you have. I have not done that yet. I may borrow your PHD acronym for mine. It does sound much better than UFO or UFQ.

  5. Saw the PHD acronym "somewhere" and love using it!! :)

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