Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Family Day in Ontario!!

Today is family day here in Ontario.  We (the kids and grands) all had a great day on Saturday for our family day, playing in the snow and then had fresh cooked wings and french fries for supper!  What a wonderful day it was ♥

Today, (the real Family Day) is going to be spent in the sewing room doing some much needed organization!   
"WHAT???  Organize a sewing room!!???  You won't find anything afterwards!"

Yes, I can hear it now!   Although this really needs to be done as it is part of my "hobby purging" that I'm doing this year.  In the summer I will sell off many of my patterns/books/fabrics (many never - ever used!!) just to say I get "something" for them.  I quit counting when I hit $1,000 in value, and I'm just shy of being a quarter of the way done!  And that is only the magazines/books!!!  Now you know why I quit counting!  Besides, I will never, ever, never live long enough to even use/make 1/4 of what is here.  Never!

Sewing/Quilting is a wonderful hobby, but boy can it spread to an addiction like wild fire!  Here are my shelves right now - very neat and tidy.  But this is only 6 of 20 plus shelves!!  I have gone though "some things" on these shelves to pass onto a senior group here, but it only cleared up a very tiny bit of space.   It's a shame that when I work on one project - this beautiful picture becomes total ciaos!

Fabric rows run 3-deep on these shelves!

This picture only shows my "yardage".

 Then there are scraps.  Oh, please don't get me started on those!

This tote is right beside my machine and can overflow in no time!

 Oh, alright .... here are the scraps.  This is one "short-tote".

I have 3, or maybe it's 4, three times higher in depth than this one.

 I decided to make blocks from only my scraps...use everything and anything in them, thinking I would really clean up come scraps. These blocks are 11 1/2" x 17" and there are 16 of them.  Yeah!!!! Using scraps!

Why the long face??

Blocks made only from scraps!!

Because using scraps produce more scraps - just smaller!  All the scraps came out of that one tote above to make all of the blocks and when I placed what I didn't use back in.... I really hadn't made that much of a dent in it after all!  Hence the long face!   I'll be into my next lifetime just using up the scraps!

So the purging will continue - and scrap busting will too!

Happy quilting!!

Forever in Stitches  Scraps,


  1. I am too busy stitching to clean up my sewing area. I have to take my stuff to the Quilt Buddies, so I can use her Design wall and table space when I run out of table space here. LOL I haven't ever thought of counting the VALUE of my Book/Pattern collection. Glad you could have a fun Family day!

  2. Shirley I found a lady to take some of my don't wants and she is using them for her quilt group to make CASA quilts, children's Court Appointed Special Advocates, that give quilts to kids. I have more to give her and a pile to use to make kids quilts also.

  3. You are so brave adding up the value of your patterns. I would have to stop adding it up too. I know I need to keep going through my stuff, but it is just so hard to break up the collection. ;)

  4. It was hard to do, Beth, but it sure helps put in perspective just where I should be putting my hard earned $$ LOL


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