Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Could of been the Whiskey... might have been the...

Big mack truck that hit me!   Holy hannah cold and flu season is upon us!!

Camp Wanna Sew was great .... really it was.  Now if I can only remember everything I did while there ... it would be great!   I know I was busy ... and I know I was very productive, but upon returning home Sunday afternoon (Sept 28th) I fell sick to an awful bug.  Actually, it had been "brewing" at least a week prior (Sept 18th) to camp, but when I got home from camp - I let my guard down ... oh boy! did I get hit.   My sister and daughter said it must have been the adrenline rush of going to camp and being there that held off the evil that was lurking until I got back home.

Monday and Tuesday were part of my holidays which were spent flat out with a chest cold.  Wed and Thurs were the first days sick days I took in almost 3.5 years of work (not many can say that I know!!), I was still flat out!!  What the heck!??  Returned to work on Friday (nobody else gonna do it!!) and worked all the next week (last week) not feeling 100% but went anyway, was running about 75 - 80%.  So not feeling "too" bad.   Last Friday I "thought" just maybe I was feeling "pretty good" and on the mend finally, except for the consistant coughing.

Now up to this point at night I had absolutely no energy to even bother "thinking" about sewing/quilting, let alone pick up knitting needles (which I normally do when not feeling so great).  So Saturday (Oct 11th) I went down to the "room of recovery"    and pulled out one of the quilts I had finished at camp ...and sandwiched at camp too (knew I would remember at some point what I did!!) and started the quilting of it.  Gosh it felt good... and I did too!    The purring of the machine, snip-snip of the scissors - life was grand again ... until nightfall (and that comes way too early now!!) .... when someone came knocking.

Yes, the dreaded Mr. V decided to pay a visit and keep the colds company!   Sunday was resting lots and catering to Mr. V ... but once again by nightfall I knew something else was up.   Colds, you say?   Yes, a head cold decided it should visit now too and back came the chest cold, with a vengeance I might add!  Actually, I don't think it left.  So, more sick days .... oh yah ... flat out AGAIN and hardly mobile this time!!  But I did give in and now have antibiotics on my menu plan ... gonna chase the bugger outta me yet!!  Yes, Sister, I will remember to pay heed "next time" and seek medical attention sooner!   

Today, the head still feels like it has a fishbowl over it and that will have to work itself out by running its course; Mr. V is still a real troublemaker in the morning, although "he" allows me be mobile after a couple hours of being up; the best part .... I'm finally able to take a deep breath without going into a coughing spasm!!   Life will be grand again!  Woo Hoo!!

It might be a little bit longer before I get back to the sewing room though, but that is okay.  Even though Christmas is 64 (63...62....61 depending when this is read) days away, I am still way ahead of schedule and will resume the last of the making of Christmas when I'm closer to 100% this time, which looks like won't be for yet another week!

So, keep an eye on those nasty bugs this fall people... especially one that comes with a constant cough before anything else shows up!  
Keep well till next time.....

Quilty hugs to you and yours,

Monday, September 15, 2014

And summer is over! WHAT?!

It's been a whirlwind the last couple of months.  And summer was in there??   Okay, so a whole two days of summer doesn't count - let's have a "due-over"!!  Who's in for that??

 Not a whole lot of extra time since the last "report"  but I did make the best of what time I did manage to sneak away from everyday/work life.   AND I have taken "my time" back at work so I'm a slightly happy camper.  Just slightly LOL

Speaking of camper - it's time to pack up for Camp Wanna Sew.  Like men with their hunting, my focus is on just getting through each day until the it's time to leave.  And that my friends is in 9 sleeps!   Woo Hooo!!!  Doing a happy dance here, I tell you!  Then it will be a long 8 months waiting  until the next one. Booooo....hiss!!!  So I will enjoy each moment with all the camp friends made over the past 7 or 8 years that I have been going and sew till I drop!

This weekend I worked on Christmas presents for the Great nieces & nephews and got them all done!  All 10 of them and that includes making the bags from the Christmas stash which busted another 4 or 5 metres!  I'm thinking I should be able to buy new Christmas stock next year!  (insert HUGE grin here)

And yes I just  used the dreaded  by many  "C" word .  So many are annoyed when I use word "Christmas" other than in December, but heh....that's their problem .. not mine.  I'm annoyed with those that don't know how to enjoy December!  My problem - not theirs ..so, touchΓ©!   With me shopping all year long, I get to actually enjoy the season and the real meaning of it, while others complain about how fast it came and the stress of it all.  It is what you make it.

So on that note, I will leave you with this ....

Happy Stitching!!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

And My "Me-time" Returns!

It's been H-E-double hockey sticks since Jan 22/14 (yes - I remember the date clearly and I wasn't even at work!! Go figure!!!)  and my "me-time" became pretty well  non-existent. 
BUT I'm baaaaack!!!  and I'm making "ME" the priority, okay ... I'm working very hard at it.  LOL
Way to close for my liking to a full blown burn-out in May - June, that I am now practising hard at putting me first, something I have a very hard time doing.   Yes, my dear friends  (you know who you are) it's taken me three years to do just that - but I trying my hardest at making it MY reality!!  ;-)
Enough said!

When I was at camp in May, I was lucky enough to sandwich five pieces together so that I could start my free-motion quilting "studies"  ;-)   
The first three items are part of the five that I have been practising on  - things that have been in my "course study"  for  my PHD  ☺  There is one more that I will show you next time (takes forever to load up to blog!!) so that leaves only one more to quilt.  But that one is a BIGGIE, and it will soon be something I have "rigged" up to work on.
Christmas Block Swap 2012 finally all done!
Enjoy the pictures - and I'll be back again to show you more!  Have a super week!!


This is how I hang my quilts to quilt with Patti!
Christmas quilt - could be a present - What do you think?

Fairy Quilt

Baby quilt
Baby quilt backed with fleece.   So soft!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's Time for Camp!! Already?

Holy Hannah!! There went April - zooooom!  Just like that ... POOF!   Work really got in the way of the fun life since January 22nd, but that will soon change, as I cannot go this pace for any longer, and I'm beginning to realize "why should I?"   Yes, I know, I know!!  You all told me so!  But I learn at my own speed, which sometimes is slow - very slow.☺

It is now time for Camp Wanna Sew!!  With working, working and working some more, it's all of a sudden time to start packing for camp this coming Wednesday!!  WHAT??  Already?   Can't be January just started ... but it is now the middle of May!!   Yikes!

So I've quickly put things in a tote that I may do - or may not.  A couple new things to "maybe" start, and quite a few others to finish or not.  Finishing projects totally depends on the mind set of any given day while I'm there - heck I could be sleeping the whole time I'm there, after all the overtime since January!!  Why do get the feeling you don't believe I would sleep the whole time?? ☺

Did I mention it's for 5 glorious days?  I was seriously considering not going with Martha (my dear hubby) having had a knee operation just over a week ago, but he is "kicking me out of the house and locking the door.  You need this time to yourself and get your energy back".  Then in the same breath he says, "Who am I kidding - you don't sleep when you are there!"  He calls this my "Big Girl Pajama Party".   I love my Martha.  But still a little leery of being gone although he assures me he will be fine.  Wonder if he would like to work on my hand quilted project while I'm gone?   Okay, right - that is pushing it, isn't it! ☺

I have packed up 6 (or it could be 7 now) quilt tops, of various sizes, that I plan to sandwich while there, as the tables are big and no getting down on the floor to sandwich them! YES!!  And I will have pieced the backings using what is in my stash for 4 of those quilts.  BONUS!!!  Then they will be ready for me to quilt when I get the urge to work with Patti Platinium.  I think her and I have bonded very well and now it's time to really start playing and practicing my free-motion quilting, not to mention quilting 13 - soon to be 16 quilt tops!

I must stop putting things in the totes "just in case I finish all other things".  NO!  No more in the totes!  That way I "will" work on what I have brought and get it to the stage of being ready to sandwich for next camp!   Wow - not even at this camp and thinking of the next one LOL

Have a wonderful long weekend, be safe, happy and keep those sewing machines running!!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

What are you up to?

Not much sewing going on as of late - but when I do I am having loads of fun!  I think?

I really don't want to start anything new just yet, seeing I still have numerous projects to finish (that's another story line for later!!) and that is a priority for this year, again...still....YET!   Well maybe not "finish" all of them but at least get a good handle on them.  HAH yah right, who am I trying to kid?  "In what century?" ask me, myself and I!  LOL  

As of the beginning of this month (March), I have purchased 10 large quilt backs.  Yes, I do have that many ready to quilt, and maybe 4 or 5 more not to mention the smaller projects/quilts.  
I must confess.....
I am a "Quilt-top Maker"!!  

There!   I said it. LOL.  We will see just how many I get quilted after my "sandwich-fest" (that's putting the quilt/batting/backing together for quilting) at camp in May; just have to purchase all that batting now!!  Yikes!

With finishing things up come the scraps.  Oodles and oodles of scraps!!!  So this month I have been trying to tame them, although I am not very successful at it.  You see, I think they are multiplying by the hundreds every time I touch them.  Here is where I am working tonight and this is only one of four totes, with this being the smallest and most unorganized. It sits right beside me in the sewing room so everything gets dropped in there when I'm sewing.

Now I have taken quite a few bigger pieces out of there (doesn't look like it does it?) and cut them into usable sizes for later and now I'm taking some of the strings out of there to make these scrappy blocks and make into "something"...some day. πŸ‘

Wonder if I will have enough pieces to work with?  πŸ˜„

Back to sorting!

Keeping you in stitches till next time,

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finally hanging!!

No, I'm not hanging ... well unless you count the time I spend in the sewing room "hanging" LOL

I made this piece for my son for his 38th birthday, in 2013, after he asked if I would make him "something to hide the back room" in the basement.  "Something like you made my sister".  Well for his sister, Laurie, I had made two full blown quilts which she uses as drapes for a patio door in their living room.  It was a great challenge, fun to do but would I do it again?  No ... well not until my son asked.  He normally doesn't ask for anything unless it is something he truly wants and cannot get it for himself.  And for him to ask "me" to "make it" ... well that was special.
7 months in the making for daughter and hubby's home (2010)
So, in August 2013, I had an idea of what I was going to do. Or so I thought!  

I saw some beautiful embroidered owls and outlines of fish from Embroidery Library and I just had to have them.... now the original idea has just changed!!   I asked Lorrie, our dear daughter-in-law, what colors she would like down in this room.  "You know what colors we like."  LOL  Yes, I guess I do.  They both are a little bit country/outdoorsy people, so I set off finding just the right colors to use.

The owl that caught my eye!

After purchasing the embroideries, I just let them "sit" for a bit and wore the thinking cap for a day or two, that was in September 2013.  One thing that came to mind was a big tall tree - yes that is where I will start!!  Quickly drew a tree on a scrap piece of paper and had something to work with, so ditch the first idea!!  

The next day, during my lunch hour (that's for the friends who keep telling me to take my lunch hour!!) 
I started piecing scrapbook paper together to get me the layout of the center of the curtain so I could make my pattern.  

And the design changed again - just slightly when I drew it to paper that lunch hour - a real challenge for me as I don't draw very well!   

The next week I went to Camp Wanna Sew (Sept 2013) and this all came to life there one nite and part of the next day. 

Now I could see the sky a certain way and had a hard time finding what I was looking for.  The fabric I did find wasn't the right shade as it had a white tone to it, although the design of it certainly was what I had envisioned!  Looked at the fabric again and said, "I can change that - no problem!".   Took it back to camp and then "tea-dyed" it to give me the right tone to work with the colors I had on hand.  
Tah dahhh!!  Sometimes I amaze myself.  LOL 

Bottom of curtain

Finally hanging!!

I brought it home after that sewing week, to quilt and gave it to dear son for his birthday on Thanksgiving weekend  2013- ALL quilted!

I waited for my "grommet man" (Bob) to come back to work and he did a splendid job on attaching the grommets,  once again!  

I was most proud too that the owner of The Quilting Barn, Ron Smith, wanted to hang this for a couple weeks to show!

So here it is, now "finally hanging" in it's rightful place in dear son's man cave.

This was all done within a three week span versus the 7 months it took for dear daughters.  Then again, there were two of hers to make versus one.

So... would I do it "again"?   
Never say never!!

Keep your stitching close at hand,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time to Practice!

It's the beginning of March, already!  What have you done?  Well I have been sewing - although not as I would like due to brain-drain, but progress has been made even if just a little bit!!

Last month I did a demo class with the very basic skills needed on how to get started with free motion quilting, to my guild.  We had a blast with it!  At least I think we did?   Most times when they tried something they would say it didn't look very good.  Of course I would say "Practice, Practice and you will see how quickly you get better".   That class brought me to the subject of this post, and had me realise just how much I missed/loved instructing/teaching! 

Pattie and I should have been quilting up a storm by now but alas that four letter word still gets in the way.  But this week I'm on holidays trying to recover from the "brain-drain" before I head in for my next session of it called "year-end".  So, we (Pattie and I) decided to "bond" a little better today by quilting on my Challenge Finish, which I pledged to have done by next meeting.  That date just happens to be next Wednesday!!  See what I mean by "March already"!!   Pattie and I were going to "practice" what we were preaching at the little class I gave.   Today, I decided that by the time I was done certain sections of this wall hanging, I would be comfortable quilting "pebbles".  

Pebbles, you say?  Yes, free motion quilting round to oval little shapes in a continous motion on fabric.  Simple - right?   NOT!  At least not for me.  I really don't draw (which I guess I should practice too?) so I have to really get a good mind-set going, and sometimes the hands have a mind of their own!   But as you can see, I did get the pebbles to be sort of round and some are actually oval and feel most comfortable now with this design, that I won't be afraid to try it on another project later.  There were 20 of these little sections to do so that was some "real" practice.

Practicing pebbles - March 5/14
Until the next post - keep your motor (sewing machine) running!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Know what I bought??

Every quilter dreams of finishing their own quilts.  Well, okay, most of them do LOL   And I'm am one of them.  Don't get me wrong - it is nice to have someone quilt them for you when the tops are made but really - did you really "make it?"   Hmmm... not really.   But that is MY opinion, right?

No, really - think about.    Yes, you may have created the top and it's beautiful ... but "sometimes" your quilter is the one that brings it to life and makes it downright gorgeous!!   Did you do that?   Hmmm... No.  See, that is MY opinion.  I did design one top a couple years ago (for McCall's Quilt Designer Challenge) and it was my favorite piece as a "top".  My quilter/friend, Suzanne Gauthier, quilted it for me in ways I never dreamed it could be done.  You always - ALWAYS - acknowledge your quilter as they are really part of that quilt.  Suzanne - she brought "Breaking Free" to life!  It actually took on a whole new look once it was quilted.    

With all that being said, I decided it was high time I do something about making my quilts "all mine", even if I do give them away.  Just before Christmas, I bought a Husqvarna Viking Platinum16 and named her "Pattie".  She is a sit-down quilting machine where I am the driver and the designer.  It looks like a sewing machine but has a longer sewing area - for quilting πŸ‘  Now I still have loads and loads of practice to do what I dreamed of doing but that is all in the learning process, and I'm up for it.  I think.
After a little tweaking, (very little I might add) I sat down and quilted my first piece on her just to get use to her.  And she stitches like a dream!!  So, in my free time (yah like I have lots of that when I'm working!) I will be practicing with "Pattie" doing a dance on quilts!πŸ’ƒ 

Happy quilting!