Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finally hanging!!

No, I'm not hanging ... well unless you count the time I spend in the sewing room "hanging" LOL

I made this piece for my son for his 38th birthday, in 2013, after he asked if I would make him "something to hide the back room" in the basement.  "Something like you made my sister".  Well for his sister, Laurie, I had made two full blown quilts which she uses as drapes for a patio door in their living room.  It was a great challenge, fun to do but would I do it again?  No ... well not until my son asked.  He normally doesn't ask for anything unless it is something he truly wants and cannot get it for himself.  And for him to ask "me" to "make it" ... well that was special.
7 months in the making for daughter and hubby's home (2010)
So, in August 2013, I had an idea of what I was going to do. Or so I thought!  

I saw some beautiful embroidered owls and outlines of fish from Embroidery Library and I just had to have them.... now the original idea has just changed!!   I asked Lorrie, our dear daughter-in-law, what colors she would like down in this room.  "You know what colors we like."  LOL  Yes, I guess I do.  They both are a little bit country/outdoorsy people, so I set off finding just the right colors to use.

The owl that caught my eye!

After purchasing the embroideries, I just let them "sit" for a bit and wore the thinking cap for a day or two, that was in September 2013.  One thing that came to mind was a big tall tree - yes that is where I will start!!  Quickly drew a tree on a scrap piece of paper and had something to work with, so ditch the first idea!!  

The next day, during my lunch hour (that's for the friends who keep telling me to take my lunch hour!!) 
I started piecing scrapbook paper together to get me the layout of the center of the curtain so I could make my pattern.  

And the design changed again - just slightly when I drew it to paper that lunch hour - a real challenge for me as I don't draw very well!   

The next week I went to Camp Wanna Sew (Sept 2013) and this all came to life there one nite and part of the next day. 

Now I could see the sky a certain way and had a hard time finding what I was looking for.  The fabric I did find wasn't the right shade as it had a white tone to it, although the design of it certainly was what I had envisioned!  Looked at the fabric again and said, "I can change that - no problem!".   Took it back to camp and then "tea-dyed" it to give me the right tone to work with the colors I had on hand.  
Tah dahhh!!  Sometimes I amaze myself.  LOL 

Bottom of curtain

Finally hanging!!

I brought it home after that sewing week, to quilt and gave it to dear son for his birthday on Thanksgiving weekend  2013- ALL quilted!

I waited for my "grommet man" (Bob) to come back to work and he did a splendid job on attaching the grommets,  once again!  

I was most proud too that the owner of The Quilting Barn, Ron Smith, wanted to hang this for a couple weeks to show!

So here it is, now "finally hanging" in it's rightful place in dear son's man cave.

This was all done within a three week span versus the 7 months it took for dear daughters.  Then again, there were two of hers to make versus one.

So... would I do it "again"?   
Never say never!!

Keep your stitching close at hand,


  1. Good job! Keeping the Son and DIL happy is a good thing. I remember seeing the owl part in process. 3 weeks is much quicker than 7 months. I have a little over a month to make something for my Oldest Son and his beautiful wife of 15 years in April. I better get on it, huh?

  2. That is so wonderful.. a totally unique piece made just for them. It looks beautiful and does the job perfectly.

  3. I love a good design change! It is amazing what we will do for our children ;o) Thank you so much for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!!


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