Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time to Practice!

It's the beginning of March, already!  What have you done?  Well I have been sewing - although not as I would like due to brain-drain, but progress has been made even if just a little bit!!

Last month I did a demo class with the very basic skills needed on how to get started with free motion quilting, to my guild.  We had a blast with it!  At least I think we did?   Most times when they tried something they would say it didn't look very good.  Of course I would say "Practice, Practice and you will see how quickly you get better".   That class brought me to the subject of this post, and had me realise just how much I missed/loved instructing/teaching! 

Pattie and I should have been quilting up a storm by now but alas that four letter word still gets in the way.  But this week I'm on holidays trying to recover from the "brain-drain" before I head in for my next session of it called "year-end".  So, we (Pattie and I) decided to "bond" a little better today by quilting on my Challenge Finish, which I pledged to have done by next meeting.  That date just happens to be next Wednesday!!  See what I mean by "March already"!!   Pattie and I were going to "practice" what we were preaching at the little class I gave.   Today, I decided that by the time I was done certain sections of this wall hanging, I would be comfortable quilting "pebbles".  

Pebbles, you say?  Yes, free motion quilting round to oval little shapes in a continous motion on fabric.  Simple - right?   NOT!  At least not for me.  I really don't draw (which I guess I should practice too?) so I have to really get a good mind-set going, and sometimes the hands have a mind of their own!   But as you can see, I did get the pebbles to be sort of round and some are actually oval and feel most comfortable now with this design, that I won't be afraid to try it on another project later.  There were 20 of these little sections to do so that was some "real" practice.

Practicing pebbles - March 5/14
Until the next post - keep your motor (sewing machine) running!


  1. I like doing pebbles too. They are much easier than feathers around a corner. Gotta get my practice on. my Guild is next Tuesday.

  2. Your pebbles look great!!!


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