Saturday, March 29, 2014

What are you up to?

Not much sewing going on as of late - but when I do I am having loads of fun!  I think?

I really don't want to start anything new just yet, seeing I still have numerous projects to finish (that's another story line for later!!) and that is a priority for this year, again...still....YET!   Well maybe not "finish" all of them but at least get a good handle on them.  HAH yah right, who am I trying to kid?  "In what century?" ask me, myself and I!  LOL  

As of the beginning of this month (March), I have purchased 10 large quilt backs.  Yes, I do have that many ready to quilt, and maybe 4 or 5 more not to mention the smaller projects/quilts.  
I must confess.....
I am a "Quilt-top Maker"!!  

There!   I said it. LOL.  We will see just how many I get quilted after my "sandwich-fest" (that's putting the quilt/batting/backing together for quilting) at camp in May; just have to purchase all that batting now!!  Yikes!

With finishing things up come the scraps.  Oodles and oodles of scraps!!!  So this month I have been trying to tame them, although I am not very successful at it.  You see, I think they are multiplying by the hundreds every time I touch them.  Here is where I am working tonight and this is only one of four totes, with this being the smallest and most unorganized. It sits right beside me in the sewing room so everything gets dropped in there when I'm sewing.

Now I have taken quite a few bigger pieces out of there (doesn't look like it does it?) and cut them into usable sizes for later and now I'm taking some of the strings out of there to make these scrappy blocks and make into "something"...some day. 👍

Wonder if I will have enough pieces to work with?  😄

Back to sorting!

Keeping you in stitches till next time,


  1. I've been a TOPPER for years. I am trying to get my Quilts FINISHED this year also. I already have the batting, thank heavens the Backings are costing me! I have a much bigger tote of scraps. Don't feel so bad.

    1. There a two larger ones, Mary, and two the same size as this one. The smaller ones - they are all folded and neatly arranged inside the tote. My plans for those was to use them or applique... but can you just imagine the mess when I start those?!! LOL

  2. I am trying to tame the scraps too, but I am not keeping up. I am also a topper. I really want to start piecing another as soon as I get one top done. That results in all those tops piling up. I have measured all of them and calculated how much backing , batting, and binding I need for each. I plan to start quilting the ones that I have everything for and go from there. ;)

    1. That's a great plan, Beth!! And I didn't even think about bindings!! Sheesh!!


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