Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's Time for Camp!! Already?

Holy Hannah!! There went April - zooooom!  Just like that ... POOF!   Work really got in the way of the fun life since January 22nd, but that will soon change, as I cannot go this pace for any longer, and I'm beginning to realize "why should I?"   Yes, I know, I know!!  You all told me so!  But I learn at my own speed, which sometimes is slow - very slow.☺

It is now time for Camp Wanna Sew!!  With working, working and working some more, it's all of a sudden time to start packing for camp this coming Wednesday!!  WHAT??  Already?   Can't be January just started ... but it is now the middle of May!!   Yikes!

So I've quickly put things in a tote that I may do - or may not.  A couple new things to "maybe" start, and quite a few others to finish or not.  Finishing projects totally depends on the mind set of any given day while I'm there - heck I could be sleeping the whole time I'm there, after all the overtime since January!!  Why do get the feeling you don't believe I would sleep the whole time?? ☺

Did I mention it's for 5 glorious days?  I was seriously considering not going with Martha (my dear hubby) having had a knee operation just over a week ago, but he is "kicking me out of the house and locking the door.  You need this time to yourself and get your energy back".  Then in the same breath he says, "Who am I kidding - you don't sleep when you are there!"  He calls this my "Big Girl Pajama Party".   I love my Martha.  But still a little leery of being gone although he assures me he will be fine.  Wonder if he would like to work on my hand quilted project while I'm gone?   Okay, right - that is pushing it, isn't it! ☺

I have packed up 6 (or it could be 7 now) quilt tops, of various sizes, that I plan to sandwich while there, as the tables are big and no getting down on the floor to sandwich them! YES!!  And I will have pieced the backings using what is in my stash for 4 of those quilts.  BONUS!!!  Then they will be ready for me to quilt when I get the urge to work with Patti Platinium.  I think her and I have bonded very well and now it's time to really start playing and practicing my free-motion quilting, not to mention quilting 13 - soon to be 16 quilt tops!

I must stop putting things in the totes "just in case I finish all other things".  NO!  No more in the totes!  That way I "will" work on what I have brought and get it to the stage of being ready to sandwich for next camp!   Wow - not even at this camp and thinking of the next one LOL

Have a wonderful long weekend, be safe, happy and keep those sewing machines running!!



  1. You are a ball of energy...where does that come from, don't remember your mom being so...but maybe she was lol...Heres hoping you have fun and rest together!! :)

  2. Have a grand time at your Big Girl Pajama Party! I signed up for one just this week to go in October. I'll be taking a real Vacation in June with a bit of quilting on the end of the trip. Hurry up May, I'm ready to go on a Road trip!

  3. Me thinks you are hittingthe Shirley water. LOL I am excited that it is time for you to have a break and sew sew sew.


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