Sunday, July 6, 2014

And My "Me-time" Returns!

It's been H-E-double hockey sticks since Jan 22/14 (yes - I remember the date clearly and I wasn't even at work!! Go figure!!!)  and my "me-time" became pretty well  non-existent. 
BUT I'm baaaaack!!!  and I'm making "ME" the priority, okay ... I'm working very hard at it.  LOL
Way to close for my liking to a full blown burn-out in May - June, that I am now practising hard at putting me first, something I have a very hard time doing.   Yes, my dear friends  (you know who you are) it's taken me three years to do just that - but I trying my hardest at making it MY reality!!  ;-)
Enough said!

When I was at camp in May, I was lucky enough to sandwich five pieces together so that I could start my free-motion quilting "studies"  ;-)   
The first three items are part of the five that I have been practising on  - things that have been in my "course study"  for  my PHD  ☺  There is one more that I will show you next time (takes forever to load up to blog!!) so that leaves only one more to quilt.  But that one is a BIGGIE, and it will soon be something I have "rigged" up to work on.
Christmas Block Swap 2012 finally all done!
Enjoy the pictures - and I'll be back again to show you more!  Have a super week!!


This is how I hang my quilts to quilt with Patti!
Christmas quilt - could be a present - What do you think?

Fairy Quilt

Baby quilt
Baby quilt backed with fleece.   So soft!!


  1. So glad you are taking charge of your "ME Time". Great finishes. Enjoying your "Patti" thanks for taking time to share.

  2. So great to see you with 'me time' again. Your course work looks great. Think you ou will finish those PHDs? I know you will.


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