Monday, September 15, 2014

And summer is over! WHAT?!

It's been a whirlwind the last couple of months.  And summer was in there??   Okay, so a whole two days of summer doesn't count - let's have a "due-over"!!  Who's in for that??

 Not a whole lot of extra time since the last "report"  but I did make the best of what time I did manage to sneak away from everyday/work life.   AND I have taken "my time" back at work so I'm a slightly happy camper.  Just slightly LOL

Speaking of camper - it's time to pack up for Camp Wanna Sew.  Like men with their hunting, my focus is on just getting through each day until the it's time to leave.  And that my friends is in 9 sleeps!   Woo Hooo!!!  Doing a happy dance here, I tell you!  Then it will be a long 8 months waiting  until the next one. Booooo....hiss!!!  So I will enjoy each moment with all the camp friends made over the past 7 or 8 years that I have been going and sew till I drop!

This weekend I worked on Christmas presents for the Great nieces & nephews and got them all done!  All 10 of them and that includes making the bags from the Christmas stash which busted another 4 or 5 metres!  I'm thinking I should be able to buy new Christmas stock next year!  (insert HUGE grin here)

And yes I just  used the dreaded  by many  "C" word .  So many are annoyed when I use word "Christmas" other than in December, but heh....that's their problem .. not mine.  I'm annoyed with those that don't know how to enjoy December!  My problem - not theirs, touché!   With me shopping all year long, I get to actually enjoy the season and the real meaning of it, while others complain about how fast it came and the stress of it all.  It is what you make it.

So on that note, I will leave you with this ....

Happy Stitching!!


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  1. Not complaining about Christmas. Thanks for the wake up on FB this AM. I gasped! Great that you have so many gifts done. I have a month to wait until my Get Away SEW time. Our guild is having their 1st Retreat in October.


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