Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Could of been the Whiskey... might have been the...

Big mack truck that hit me!   Holy hannah cold and flu season is upon us!!

Camp Wanna Sew was great .... really it was.  Now if I can only remember everything I did while there ... it would be great!   I know I was busy ... and I know I was very productive, but upon returning home Sunday afternoon (Sept 28th) I fell sick to an awful bug.  Actually, it had been "brewing" at least a week prior (Sept 18th) to camp, but when I got home from camp - I let my guard down ... oh boy! did I get hit.   My sister and daughter said it must have been the adrenline rush of going to camp and being there that held off the evil that was lurking until I got back home.

Monday and Tuesday were part of my holidays which were spent flat out with a chest cold.  Wed and Thurs were the first days sick days I took in almost 3.5 years of work (not many can say that I know!!), I was still flat out!!  What the heck!??  Returned to work on Friday (nobody else gonna do it!!) and worked all the next week (last week) not feeling 100% but went anyway, was running about 75 - 80%.  So not feeling "too" bad.   Last Friday I "thought" just maybe I was feeling "pretty good" and on the mend finally, except for the consistant coughing.

Now up to this point at night I had absolutely no energy to even bother "thinking" about sewing/quilting, let alone pick up knitting needles (which I normally do when not feeling so great).  So Saturday (Oct 11th) I went down to the "room of recovery"    and pulled out one of the quilts I had finished at camp ...and sandwiched at camp too (knew I would remember at some point what I did!!) and started the quilting of it.  Gosh it felt good... and I did too!    The purring of the machine, snip-snip of the scissors - life was grand again ... until nightfall (and that comes way too early now!!) .... when someone came knocking.

Yes, the dreaded Mr. V decided to pay a visit and keep the colds company!   Sunday was resting lots and catering to Mr. V ... but once again by nightfall I knew something else was up.   Colds, you say?   Yes, a head cold decided it should visit now too and back came the chest cold, with a vengeance I might add!  Actually, I don't think it left.  So, more sick days .... oh yah ... flat out AGAIN and hardly mobile this time!!  But I did give in and now have antibiotics on my menu plan ... gonna chase the bugger outta me yet!!  Yes, Sister, I will remember to pay heed "next time" and seek medical attention sooner!   

Today, the head still feels like it has a fishbowl over it and that will have to work itself out by running its course; Mr. V is still a real troublemaker in the morning, although "he" allows me be mobile after a couple hours of being up; the best part .... I'm finally able to take a deep breath without going into a coughing spasm!!   Life will be grand again!  Woo Hoo!!

It might be a little bit longer before I get back to the sewing room though, but that is okay.  Even though Christmas is 64 (63...62....61 depending when this is read) days away, I am still way ahead of schedule and will resume the last of the making of Christmas when I'm closer to 100% this time, which looks like won't be for yet another week!

So, keep an eye on those nasty bugs this fall people... especially one that comes with a constant cough before anything else shows up!  
Keep well till next time.....

Quilty hugs to you and yours,


  1. You have been sick way too long! Take good care and keep your head down until it feels better.

  2. I've had this nasty cold/flu for two weeks now. Went to work all week but came home last night and went to bed at 7. Hubby didn't wake me when the alarm went off this morning and by the time I woke on my own, I was late for work. So here I am off on a sick day...


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