Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camp time is here!!!

Wednesday is "move out" day!   Camp Wanna Sew here I come!!
I've been packing since Friday evening...think I'm excited??  :-)

Put it in the tote - take it out of the tote.  I've packed things that come along just for the ride, so I'm really trying not to do that this time, and with my sciatic acting up I really don't want to aggrevate it by carrying stuff in that I won't even look at!!   So here is hoping I have got it right this time, but I doubt it :-)

I've cut down by two totes this camp!!
There are a number of quilts/projects I have taken (bottom box) that I hope to get sandwiched for this summers quilting ... or quilted in the fall, I'm not in a hurry.  While at camp I make the most out of the large tables and not having to be on my hands and knees to sandwich quilts!  Now that HURTS!!  So I bring 5 - 7 projects for sandwiching, and quilt whenever the mood strikes me.  

So wanted to re-create this quilt for myself ... now is the time!!

My big project is to re-create The Spirit of Hope - something I have wanted to do for myself since I finished the last one in 2011.  It uses up scraps but no where near the amount I have on hand.  Not even close!  In fact, after cutting all that I need, it still looks like I have the same amount of scraps that I started with!   How can that be???
This one will be the new and improved version ....maybe I will even write the pattern this time!   Now there's a thought!  We will see how far I get with this one ... it could be a few more months (heaven forbid - maybe a year or two!) in the making, as I have yet another quilt to work on while at camp, but that one has to be done by the time camp is finished!  Can I do it?   Time will tell :-)

Have a wonderful week everyone - and keep your needles threaded!!


  1. Sorry to read about sciatica. Is the Spirit of hope the one you used for your Entry in McCall's Design Star?? Gonna be great in scraps!

  2. Yes, Mary it is the same quilt, but with a little bit of a twist. But majority of it is the same....been wanting to re-make this one almost since I finished the first one!


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