Sunday, May 16, 2010

How was I to know?

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm just itching to get outside, but laundry and meals for dear hubby are on the agenda. Hope I can grab a bit of fresh air before meal time tonite.
Thought I would share with you my very first quilt. One I made 24 years ago for my son. The block is called "Moon over the Mountain". I was over the moon when it was finally done!!

I used polyester broadcloth ... heh I didn't know the difference back then! I was pretty well teaching myself. I also hand quilted it and I think it took me like 8 months just to do the quilting and really there wasn't all that much in it. I didn't know to use a thimble or all these great gadgets we have today, hence I ended up with some pretty "meaty" looking thumb and fingers.

I had no idea that working with curves would be so dang hard for a beginner. Nobody told me I should be starting with something simple. Not to mention that I had to use templates and cut everything out with scissors! Did I know there were rotarty cutters for this? Actually I'm not sure they were being used yet LOL And if they were they were certainly out of my price range.

This was in the day when I started one project and finished it! If only I was that way now!


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