Saturday, June 5, 2010

And off to Sewing Camp I went!!

What a week I had getting things ready and up to date before I left for Camp Wanna Sew - but I did it, although not without staying up past midnite for 3 nites! 

I left early Thursday morning (May 27th) with the car full of my sewing junk "treasures", and arrived there just after 10am.  Didn't take me too long to unpack and I was sewing by 11. 

Now my plan of attack for this 4 day sewing camp, was to finish up one of my biggest UFO's created to date - 2 quilts for my DD that she would use as drapes for her patio door.  I was to do no other sewing until these were completely finished!  Now these were a Christmas present for last year and I have been working on quilting them on my domestic machine for the past 4 months, so I wanted them finished. 

 "Myself" and "I" are always getting "Me" into trouble and when "I" talked "Myself" into starting this project the end of October, the blame was on "myself & I" for all the work that they created for "me" to do!  But as the pattern name says "Straight from the heart" that is where this project came from.

I said I would not go to bed until they were done-DONE, so I worked until early Friday morning (1:30am) to have them ready for grommeting.  Now at that time of the morning I was starting to see double and I don't even drink!!   They were where I could just sew the protective backing on them, flip and topstitch, so I called it a nite and got up at 6:20am and was back sewing (7:20am) after having breakfast.  

 By 10:30am Friday morning I handed them over to Bob to do the professional grommeting on them; that meant I was done - DONE!!  Woooo Hoooo!   Now I could sew what I wanted to. 

What a huge relief to have those babies done. 

By 2pm I was sewing what I wanted to sew.... ohhhh what a feeling! 

The drapes were dropped off at 4:30pm Sunday and were up that nite.... they were so excited to finally get them! 
Next time I'll show you some of  the projects I got done this weekend, till then ... keep your needles sharp!!


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