Thursday, November 25, 2010

29 days and counting!!

Goodness gracious the time is going to really fly now!  There are only 29 days to Christmas...are you pulling your hair out yet?  

I am happy to say that my shopping is done!  Well all except the big "kids" stocking stuffers, but give me an hour and I will have them done!  Woo Hooo!  Although I am now busy knitting up 4 - 5 items and have 3 left to sew up. Two are ready to sew up and won't take but a couple of hours. The third?  Well, that one is still in the thinking stage, but it is almost all "thought" out.  One evening to sew it up and voila! and  Hello, Santa! Just have to double check my list!

I made up seven gifts this week, and sorry I cannot show you what they are until after Christmas.  Some are small, but made with tonnes of love and one was a biggie!

Baking you say? Well I don't do much of that anymore as the kids are not around as much with all the visiting they end up having to do with their extended families and friends and we really do not entertain. Hmm maybe we should change that?? LOL  But I do make some special packages for some friends; but no leftovers!!  I give those away too!  We don't NEED them! 

Early next week will begin the decorating inside the house, but I don't go all out as it takes too long to get it all out and too long to pack it all away, but it is festive when I'm done :-)  Besides...what is that saying "Less is more"?  I've never really understood that saying but I'm going to use it LOL

So if you haven't made your list, do so now.  Each time you head out for groceries, pick a couple of the names from your list and do them too!  Really it won't take long!  I took one whole day and did it.  AND I did it without a list  - believe it or not... I really did!

Happy shopping...and remember... the time is gonna slip by your faster than penguins on ice!! (I loooove Penguins!)

Hugs everyone,

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